Noni Gathoni’s ‘Weddings with Bailey’s’ Set for NTV Premiere

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Weddings with bailey's
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Noni Gathoni at the launch of 'Weddings with Bailey's'

Noni Gathoni at the launch of ‘Weddings with Bailey’s’

Noni Gathoni, brought to the ‘Wedding Show’ limelight by Citizen TV’s regular Sunday feature, is now the brains behind ‘Weddings with Baileys’, a brand new feature set to screen on NTV Kenya starting this week.

The seasoned TV show host admitted that she had been crafting the idea for just over 2 years and was delighted that she could finally produce it, obviously in a different line of thought to the ‘Wedding Show’ which she’s been hosting for a good period of that time.

Weddings with Bailey’s will see Noni take the journey with the brides-to-be as they celebrate what is set to be their fairy tale weddings.

‘I pick a Bailey’s bride treat her and her 10 friends to a spruce day, glam them up and then pick them in a stretch limo,’ Gathoni said in a brief release to the media, ‘I then host them to a Fabulous Bailey’s Bachelorette party.’ Sounds exciting and different doesn’t it? Let’s wait and see how this new wedding concept matches up to the pre-existing ‘Wedding Show’ and ‘Samantha’s Bridal Wedding Show’.

Wedding Shows have sparked immense interest with Kenyan audiences in recent times, as arguably millions of viewers across the country flock to their television sets eash Sunday evening to catch up with the phenomenon that Noni may or may not have single-handedly structured to the popularity it enjoys today.

The show starts this Wednesday on NTV Kenya at 8.00pm.

Written by Oyugi Kevin

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