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11 dead babies found in funeral home that closed after violations

11 dead babies found in funeral home that closed after violations

Michigan State Police were called to the scene and continue to investigate.

Eight bodies were reportedly found in a cardboard box, while three were found in separate bags inside one small casket.

Authorities say an anonymously written letter led them to the decomposed remains of 11 infants hidden in a ceiling compartment of a shuttered Detroit funeral home.

In April state inspectors found decomposing bodies in an non-refrigerated garage and a back room of the home, WDIV reported.

Correction: An earlier version of this story cited local news reports that incorrectly said construction workers, rather than state inspectors, discovered the infant bodies.

The remains were of infants and still-borns - some of which have been identified, according to police.

LARA said there is still an open investigation into the funeral home and its owners.

The State of MI closed down Cantrell Funeral Home, located at the city's east side, six months ago.

"On behalf of my family I'm really sorry that it happened and totally appalled", Cantrell said.

"I didn't know anything about that", she said. Law&Crime reached out to this business for comment on the matter but an employee said the two homes have never been affiliated with one another and declined to comment further. "I'm just thanking God it wasn't something I had any involvement in", he said.

"Our father, Raymond E. Cantrell, founder of Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit, has provided excellent service for over 50 years". "We then immediately contacted local authorities".

The funeral home, which had operated for half a century, also had committed numerous other violations of state rules, such as the failure to deposit more than $21,000 in prepayments by at least 13 customers who'd signed contracts for future funeral services, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. That suspension order remains in effect as does our investigation.