Post Malone Involved In Car Crash In West Hollywood

Post Malone Involved In Car Crash In West Hollywood

According to The Blast, the rapper was involved in a vehicle accident around 2:40 a.m. Friday after his Rolls-Royce Wraith collided with a Kia near Santa Monica Blvd in El Lay.

The "rockstar" was a passenger in his Rolls-Royce around 2:40 a.m. when a Kia T-boned the Rolls, causing severe damage to the driver's side.

According to a preliminary investigation no alcohol was involved in the crash.

Check out video footage of the aftermath above.

When police arrived, they saw Post Malone's auto had crashed through a fence. The 23-year-old rapper's assistant was driving, while Post Malone was in the passenger's seat.

"God must hate me lol", he wrote.

Last month, he was traveling on a Gulfstream jet that blew two tires during takeoff at a small New Jersey airport. The rapper was on a plane forced to make an emergency landing a few weeks ago, and it looks like he cheated serious injury yet again.

'Can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. "F*** you. But not today".

Speaking to TMZ after landing, Malone said: 'Oh, my God, I hate flying in general.

"There was one hell of a team on that aircraft, and we're here, we're here on earth, and I need a beer, and I need some wine, at the same time, mixed together". Thankfully, the plane was landed safely at Stewart International Airport. The plane was originally set to go to England for Reading festival, but it was rerouted to an airport in Westfield, Massachusetts after it blew its tires upon take off.

The crash comes a mere 17 days after Malone's private jet had to make an emergency landing.

A look: Flight trackers showed the plane circling over CT (right of this map) shortly after 1pm before making its way towards the NY airport just before 3pm.