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Mom of Dallas man killed by cop wonders if race played role

Mom of Dallas man killed by cop wonders if race played role

The officer's name is Amber Guyger. The picture released by the department is an older photo and not a mugshot. It is not clear what prompted the shooting but Guyger reportedly called police following the incident. The complex is near the department's headquarters on Lamar Avenue. The shooting comes at a time of a national debate over the shooting of unarmed black men by police officers. It is unclear if the two had any interaction before the shooting, police said. Police arrived within four minutes of the shooting, and Jean died at the hospital. They can't believe what happened. Yelling. Kind of running. It said officials at its embassy in the US would provide assistance to the family. She said she then heard what sounded like "running steps" and a female voice calling the police.

When Botham Jean was born in 1991, his mother said, "God gave me an angel". "I don't know if she was exhausted, but that's pretty scary".

"The Texas Rangers had an opportunity to interview the officer", Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said Saturday.

"Right now there are more questions than we have answers", she said. That is why we are working as vigorously and meticulously as we can to ensure the integrity of the case and the department is upheld.

DPD cut the news conference with the chief short when reporters still had a lot of questions. But she said Saturday that the Texas Rangers, who have taken over the investigation, asked her department to hold off because they had learned new information and wanted to investigate further before a warrant was issued.

Hall said the officer's blood was drawn to be tested for drugs and alcohol. "Therefore, we have ceased handling it under our normal officer-involved shooting protocol".

At a vigil Saturday, former professor Todd Genery said Jean loved life, people and his Lord.

He moved to Dallas after graduating in 2016, and was working with the accounting and consultancy firm PwC.

"T$3 his is a bad, awful thing that has happened", he said.

"She took my life away, like my very own life", said Jean's mother, Allison.

Jean was extremely involved in his church.

Funeral services for Jean are scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday at the Dallas West Church of Christ, which Jean attended.

Rawlings says Jean was a young professional who displayed leadership and was a man of faith, and that he was "exactly the sort of citizen we want to have".

Jean was from Saint Lucia, a small Caribbean island, according to his Facebook page.

"I could not believe the strength that they were able to show me and displaying in that phone conversation", Sammie said.

"Let's find out what happened", he said.

Calls to arrest Amber Guyger have intensified over the weekend as investigators held off on obtaining an arrest warrant on manslaughter charges. "I think that's what the family would say". Jean frequently led singing at the university chapel and during campus events.

Harding University President Bruce McLarty shared fond memories of him after learning of his death.

Chief Hall said she has been in contact with Jean's family and offered her condolences. "They are the lead in this investigation". Hall couldn't provide the location of the officer or whether she was in custody. She says he visited the sick, orphanages and helped anyone who needed it.

Councilman Scott Griggs tweeted that Jean "was killed under very suspicious circumstances".

Councilman Phillip Kingston posted before the news of the manslaughter charge that "It really, really seems like the end of this story should have been an arrest".

Attorney Lee Merritt was speaking following a prayer vigil for Botham Jean, a black man who was shot by an officer who says she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment and encountered Jean. "In doing so, we hope to bring understanding to the family".

"He would always say to me, 'Brother Berry, I want to do more, '" Berry recalled.

Now, we aren't even safe in our own homes. And so that police officer needs to be prosecuted.

"We also pray not just for solace, but we pray for justice", the minister added.