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Boris: Chuck Chequers, not Theresa May

Boris: Chuck Chequers, not Theresa May

"That seems to me to be a particular economic risk in Chequers and makes it substantially worse than the status quo", he said.

In his weekly column in The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Johnson, bookmakers' favourite to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May, called on the government to avoid turning on the "hard-pressed taxpayer" for money to fund public services, and instead embrace Brexit to spur a "dynamic economy".

In a sign of the febrile atmosphere within the Conservative Party, the Sunday Times reported that Mrs May's aides had drawn up a dossier on Mr Johnson at the time the 2016 leadership contest.

She predicted a leadership challenge when the Brexit deal was done. This is seen as critical by both sides, but talks have been deadlocked for months.

With just 200 days to go to the scheduled date of Brexit, Mr Baker said that the PM would lack credibility with Brussels negotiators if she tried to press ahead with her departure plan at the party conference without the backing of her party.

He said the loss of jobs would be "counted into tens of thousands if we do not get the right Brexit deal". There is, so far, no full exit deal and it is uncertain whether May can push an agreement through the British parliament. British politicians inside May's governing Tory party, as well as in the opposition Labour Party, are preparing to sabotage the agreement.

If a deal has been reached by then, it will need to be approved by MPs.

Lawmakers from the European Research Group (ERG), a grouping in May's Conservative Party which wants a sharper break with the EU, met on Tuesday night and openly discussed May's future.

"My view is the best option is Free Trade Plus".

"Now is the time for this Conservative government to show how a post-Brexit Britain will be a happy and dynamic economy that fosters enterprise, that rewards the strivers and the innovators, and where people can hope to take home more of their pay to their families", he wrote.

Former Brexit secretary David Davis, who quit the government over May's plan in July, told the same event, "We have got a very good prime minister and, like Jacob, I disagree with her on one issue - this issue". On Wednesday, the ERG will put forward its own plan for resolving the Irish border question.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove - one of the leaders of the official Leave campaign who ran unsuccessfully against Mrs May - also rallied behind the Prime Minister.

Devolution could see Yorkshire become 'England's Catalonia'George Freeman, who was chairman of the Prime Minister's policy board until November a year ago, said he believed Mrs May should "seal the deal" before handing over decisions about the long-term relationship with the European Union to a successor.

"Any diversion or any distraction from that mission means that our ability to ensure that the referendum mandate that we were given is delivered, is undermined".