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Shark stolen from San Antonio Aquarium in stroller returned safely

Shark stolen from San Antonio Aquarium in stroller returned safely

They allegedly planned to steal her.

On Monday night, police successfully rescued the shark and returned her to the aquarium.

Police have yet to decide whether the woman will also face charges. The footage shows one of the men standing over an open-top aquarium and grabbing the 1.5-foot-long horn shark out of the water with his hands. They then headed toward the touch pool, where they lingered until the flawless moment struck.

"They staked out that exhibit waiting for the employee to leave", Covino said.

The tools needed to pull off the heist? He drove off, leaving the other man and woman behind.

Later, a man allegedly posted a picture online of a horn shark that included a caption that read "selling a horn shark, ideal for the next shark week".

The man, along with two others, apparently tried to disguise the shark as a baby to remove it from the aquarium.

An aquarium employee had noticed the abduction and had immediately alerted management.

Stellman told The Washington Post she found the man in the parking lot about to get into a truck.

Associated Press reported on Tuesday that the shark is now back in its petting tank, and investigators say they've obtained confessions from the two men involved in the deed.

Authorities used the license plate of the truck to locate one of the suspects.

The theft was the first of its kind ever to be attempted at the aquarium, Covino said.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Science Director Michael Fisher told KENS-TV that this type of shark is normally found in the Pacific Ocean.

"When we got into the garage and into the house, it looked like nearly a mock-up of here", he said, referring to the aquarium.

This year, Shark Week ran from July 22 to 29.

Losing the shark was devastating, Covino said. "Alive and well just took out of tank for a quick pic".

"She is back home, where she belongs!"

Then Monday, the aquarium released video footage of the shark stealing operation. The trio is seen on the video hanging around the tank where visitors can feed the fish and reach in the water and pet various sea life. He took us right to where the shark was and pointed [her] out.

"The Leon Valley Police Department Criminal Investigations Division has been in contact with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) investigators concerning the theft of this marine animal". He said the thieves were trying to sell the animal on Facebook.

"It was something he wanted, he had one of these in the past", said Salvaggio.

Horn sharks are worth about $2,000.