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No deaths reported in Mexican airliner crash

No deaths reported in Mexican airliner crash

There are no deaths from the accident involving an Aeromexico plane on Tuesday, according to the governor of the state of Durango, José R. Aispuro.

Durango Gov. Jose Aispuro wrote in his Twitter account that "it is confirmed there were no fatalities in the accident".

"In response to the mishap at the Guadalupe Victoria Airport in Durango, I have asked the security and Emergency Corps to attend the unfortunate accident".

Eighty-five people were injured in the crash, including two critically, according to Alejandro Cardoza, a spokesman for Durango state's civil protection agency. "[We] shouldn't have been flying, bro", passenger Juan Rivera told ABC News in an interview Wednesday.

"You start gaining speed and as soon as you start taking off all of the sudden the plane starts struggling and it's getting hit with hail". Herrera went to the back exit and tried to help as many people down as he could. That happened like three times, bro. "If the plane hit the embankment any faster, it would have rolled and trapped us into fire". "The scene that we can see here is approximately 1 kilometer from the end of the runway". Then we hit [the ground and] the plane slid forward.

Officials said 97 people were taken to hospital but that most only had superficial injuries.

"All the lights went off and then there was smoke inside the cabin, people were panicking and screaming", Parsa said, adding it was "a miracle of God we survived".

Governor Aispuro told local media that the Mexico City bound plane was in the process of taking off, when a loud "bang" and immediately the aircraft was on the ground. The accident occurred shortly after takeoff and the plane ended up in a field just beyond the runway. Weather reports showed scattered storms in the area at the time of the incident.

Rómulo Campuzano, a National Action Party (PAN) politician, said he had been "very lucky because I was able to get out by the main door" using a torn-off door as a ramp to safety. It had just started the roughly two-hour journey.

Photos posted by Durango Civil Protection show smoke rising from the apparent crash site, which was surrounded by first responders and emergency vehicles.

The pilot, Capt. Carlos Meyran, was the most seriously injured and required surgery. "It fell where the tarmac ended and that is what caused the fire, as well as serious damage to the plane", Aispuro said to Mexican broadcaster Televisa.

Rescue workers carry an injured person on a stretcher, right, as airline workers, left, walk away from the site where an Aeromexico airliner crashed in a field near the airport in Durango, Mexico, Tuesday, July 31, 2018. The aircraft, serial number 190-173, was delivered in May 2008.