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How John Kelly became "chief in name only"

How John Kelly became

Citing unnamed White House officials, the Journal said Kelly was responding to Trump's request that he stay through 2020.

The commitment would provide stability at the top for a White House staff that has seen high turnover, unless either Trump or Kelly changes his mind.

Trump reportedly sounded out friends about possible replacements for Kelly, while the former Marine general talked about retirement from the White House.

Still, Trump is known as a mercurial boss, whose feelings on key staffers can shift rapidly.

On Monday, Trump marked Kelly's anniversary by posting to Twitter a photo of the two men smiling in the Oval Office with the caption "Congratulations to General John Kelly". "Kelly is essentially calling Trump's bluff", says Sherman.

Kelly, for his part, had grown increasingly frustrated in the role over the past year, furious at what he felt was unfair press coverage - particularly about his role in the scandal surrounding former Staff Secretary Rob Porter - while frequently butting heads with the president.

John Roberts now serves as the chief White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC).

Gabriel Sherman, who had previously documented Kelly's misery and ineffectiveness in some detail, has a theory that he's actually getting his revenge on Trump by sticking around, since POTUS wants him to quit but is reluctant to fire him.

But his standing in the White House has been somewhat diminished in recent months.

"Look, at some point, things happen but I will tell you. we have a very good relationship".