Samsung phone bug secretly shares your photos with rando contacts

Samsung phone bug secretly shares your photos with rando contacts

That's because in recent days, some Samsung Galaxy users have complained that the default messaging app on their phone is mysteriously texting their photos to random contacts without their knowledge. It only became apparent after the recipient alerted them. One Reddit user said that at about 2:30 am last night, his entire photo gallery was sent to his girlfriend.

The reported issue appears to have impacted Galaxy S8 and S9 phones, The Guardian reports.

"Oddly enough, my wife's phone did that last night, and mine did it the night before", said Reddit user Sfkn123. So for Samsung Galaxy users, this means that the best way to now get around the bug is to avoid Samsung Messages entirely or revoke its permission to access your photo gallery.

In all cases, it appears the photos were sent to people on the phone owners' contacts list. The Samsung Messages app doesn't show any sign of sending the photos, meaning the user is completely unaware of the picture messaging. This means you won't be able to send any stored data, like photos or saved messages, through text.

Samsung is now urging concerned customers to call its support lines directly. "However, there was record of it on mobile logs", one Redditor posted less than a week ago.

The issue also seems to coincide with a new version of the Samsung Messages app, which could be related to the RCS update, or not, depending.

The problem isn't widespread (that we know of, yet), but rather a small number of complaints on Reddit and Samsung forums, reports Sam Rutherford over at Gizmodo.

Samsung acknowledged an inquiry from Gizmodo that it was aware of the bug and that it is now working on a fix.

Numerous incidents seem to be affecting phones with T-Mobile, a carrier that recently rolled out updates with their RCS "advanced messaging" service.