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Hikers who went missing at Shannon Falls found dead

Hikers who went missing at Shannon Falls found dead

The trio - Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper, of Vancouver - part of the channel High on Life, were swimming at the top of Shannon Falls in British Columbia on Tuesday when they slipped and plummeted into a pool 98 feet below, police told the BBC.

High On Life is described as a clothing and outdoor adventure company whose members are known for creating lively travel video from all over the world.

Gamble, the group´s leader, served a short prison sentence in 2016 after filming from a restricted area of Yellowstone National Park in the western US.

"We would also like to encourage to share this Memorial Fund with friends and family as well to provide as much support and love to the ones most affected by this tragic loss".

On Thursday, federal police in Canada said search and rescue teams in British Columbia recovered the bodies of the three people.

None of the three people involved have been found at this time, but the search will continue through the night and into tomorrow when specialized RCMP and SAR teams will be on-site.

A two-day search and rescue operation in the risky waters eventually turned into a recovery mission to retrieve their bodies.

The Vancouver Sun reported that family members had confirmed Gamble's death, while friends and social-media posts said Lyakh and Scraper were the other two killed in the accident.

Three social media stars have died after one of them slipped and fell almost 100 feet from rocks at the top of Shannon Falls in Canada and the other two allegedly jumped after her to save her. Sascha Banks in a statement.

The three victims have been identified and RCMP have confirmed they are all from B.C. and in their late 20s and early 30s.

"It looks handsome, it's a sunny day, but given the extensive water flow that comes off the mountains, and the number of incidents that we've had in the Squamish area lately, people just need to be prepared", Cpl.

A statement from the Squamish RCMP explains that the terrain is still immensely risky.

Squamish Mayor Patricia Heintzman said in an interview she hoped the increasing numbers of people visiting the backcountry would come prepared.

"Obviously as you invite more people into the backcountry just by nature of numbers you're going to have more situations where this type of thing may happen".

Squamish Search and Rescue spokesman John Willcox said a young woman was swept into one of the pools about noon Tuesday.

All three went to McRoberts, where they routinely scored top marks for using videos for assignments.