Yanny or Laurel? Two tribes at war over internet clip audio illusion

Yanny or Laurel? Two tribes at war over internet clip audio illusion

Eventually the hype died down and people moved on with their lives.

The mere suggestion of "Which sound do you hear?" with the two words also influences what our brains interpret.

The clip, which went viral on social media after surfacing this week on Reddit, features four seconds of someone saying a word that some listeners identify as "Yanny" while others declare they can hear nothing but "Laurel".

And the internet instantly imploded.


Social media influencer and vlogger Cloe Feldman posted a video to Twitter that's confusing everyone!

Now, it's Yanny or Laurel, and the internet is firmly taking sides... for the most part. That may be why younger people around you may hear "Yanny", while others hear "Laurel".

We chose to poll our Twitter audience to figure out what it hears. By using similar sounds and leaving gaps in a low-quality recording, the brain fills in the rest of the details, which is allowing people to hear different things from the same recording. She said the complicated answer has to do with "resonance of the speech sounds". And still more hear Laurel one time, and Yanny another.

"I hear Yanny all the time even though I know it's the wrong word, but that's my perceptual reality", she said. Both "yanny" and "laurel" were trending on Twitter for the majority of Tuesday night.

If you are considered to have healthy hearing, you are believed to be able to hear a range which is two octaves higher than the highest note on a piano, or 20kHz.

"Most likely the original recording was 'Laurel, '" he said.

And when I began to play it again this afternoon (albeit at a lower volume), for me, it began with Yanny and evolved back to Laurel as I increased the volume.