WhatsApp update brings Slack-style group messaging features and new admin controls

WhatsApp update brings Slack-style group messaging features and new admin controls

WhatsApp announced several updates to group chats that allow members to catch up on what they've missed quickly and also giving administrators additional controls of the group chats. Whenever a new user joins the group, the group description will be displayed at the beginning of the conversation. In an expansion of the organization and administrative tools for the app, leaders will be able to restrict which members can change a group's icon and description as well as determine which users have administrative permissions.

WhatsApp also introduced protection so users can't be repeatedly added to groups they've left.

A series of changes to WhatsApp group chat will be coming soon that will change how users interact with one another.

It seems like WhatsApp is going to continue its impressive streak in 2018 of bringing more and more features for its users. Additionally, if you are a group creator, you can no longer be removed from the group.

You're often faced with a situation wherein you've been away for a while and found your group chat teeming with notifications.

Despite having1.5 billion users WhatsApp is wary of the threat posed by Telegram, which just has over 200 million users and have implemented these features thus making them more suited to group chats. To check new features, however, you have to make sure that running the latest updated app. He or she will have the capacity to see messages that specify or answer to them by tapping on another @ button that shows up at the base right corner of the chat. These features will be available to both the existing and new groups. According to WhatsApp, these features have rolled out for Android and iPhone users starting today. Let's take a look at the new features available for the group admins from here.

It will also be easier to locate messages that interest you in particular.