Things that only a mother knows, and she's usually right

Things that only a mother knows, and she's usually right

You can not choose your mother, you are here because of her. As such we happen to speak out rudely. Our children grow up and become more thoughtful adults. Mothers, when your children look at you, what do they see? "She might not be around next year". Happy Mother's Day! Raising kids takes a lot of strength and passion.

How can we best show love to mothers who only get to participate in bits and pieces of a church service on account of their little ones? I interviewed some top CEO's this week, asking one question: How did your Mom influence you on your journey?

It's impossible to categorize the demographic group responsible for birthing the entire human race beyond the obvious fact that none of us would be here without them.

New books or tickets to the movies can offer a great way for mom to relax or even make a date night out of her gift. "Dad's gonna pay for it!" There have been times, particularly right after she died and I brought it up more readily, when seeing the shock and horror I was feeling reflected on another person's face brought me some comfort.

Last year, Madhuri Dixit, Anupam Kher and Anil Kapoor among others had taken to instagram to wish their Mothers a happy Mothers Day.

In that case, the best gift - and I can not state this strongly enough - is absolutely a break.

I wondered this especially as I was staring at the melted watermelon piece that had been on the kitchen floor since lunchtime (my daughter discovered how fun it is to drop snacks from her high chair and feed the dog). Except maybe after hosting Thanksgiving. Describing it as the gift that keeps on giving, these women expressed gratitude simply because they are able to celebrate the day. Many countries celebrated this auspicious occasion on the second Sunday of May, in India also.

It seemed like a great plan until my oldest, an actor who lives in L.A, said he'd be back East, working on a movie.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Day by day, through joy and tears, I will follow God.

What I have learned by keeping in touch with some of these moms is that even though some of them no longer have children because of loss, they still have a mother's heart - broken, to be sure, but big and benevolent. This gesture may startle her in case it's not done often. But what she liked best was sitting on the porch, or at her kitchen table, talking with just one of us at a time.

Buy her chocolate, roses, card. They fashioned her attractive character.

When I just found out I was pregnant, honestly, I was happy. Let us remember not so much the circumstance through which children come into the world, but that they are always gifts from God. In 1907, two years after her mother's death, she embarked on a campaign to make it a holiday, and in 1914 it was nationally recognized. I just want you to know that nothing you have ever done for me has gone unnoticed. Growing up, my mom was more physically there for me. I have to create a certain platform for my son, and so he is the driving force in my life. I love you to the moon and beyond.

When they drove away, I stood on the sidewalk waving with both arms until they were out of sight. After celebrating Mother's Day in her own city, Philadelphia, in 1908, Anna managed to get the day observed as Mother's day in 45 states.