Apple Hit with Class Action Suit over MacBook Keyboard Failures

Apple Hit with Class Action Suit over MacBook Keyboard Failures

"Because typing is the primary goal of laptops, over time, consumers have become more and more frustrated with the keyboard defect". Instead, the company's customer service team posted instructions on their website, explaining how the MacBook's keyboard could be cleaned using a can of compressed air, which would help resolve the issue.

Frustration with Apple's MacBook keyboard has prompted a class-action lawsuit, after the Cupertino firm refused to acknowledge persistent problems with the "butterfly" keys. The new lawsuit claims that isn't enough and says the "core functionality" of these devices has been compromised. This lawsuit has been filed in Northern California's District Court. AppleInsider did my research, according to which new keyboard fail twice as often as its predecessors. The most common complaint is that the design is so fragile, even small amounts of dust or debris can make keystrokes fail to register. The replacement L key failed.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple over the design of its late model MacBook keyboards.

The backlash and criticism surrounding the keyboard design on Apple's refreshed MacBook Pro continues to pick up steam. The keyboard doesn't seem to be very much different from the previous models, but underneath the keys is the butterfly mechanism which was implemented for a smoother and more responsive keystroke than the regular design. At that time, senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller was quoted saying that "the keyboard was four times more stable than that scissor mechanism". Users have also taken to Twitter, Apple Support Communities, Reddit, and other online communities to express their dissatisfaction with the keyboards.

But some users - myself included - have reported that certain keys stop becoming responsive.

Thousands of MacBook Pro owners have started a petition to encourage Apple to recall their MacBook Pros following continued difficulties with the laptops' keyboard.

One of the plaintiffs, Zixuan Roa bought a new 15-inch MacBook Pro in January and had problems with the "B" key a month after purchase. Initially, Apple fix centers claimed that the issues with the keyboard were due to dust getting under the keyboard.

Since its release in 2015, Apple's 12-inch Macbooks have complaints stacking up. I brought it to the Apple store to get repaired, and thankfully it was still under warranty.

Both the plaintiffs are seeking damages and legal fees from the company.

The complaint pointed out that a petition about this issue now has over 22,000 signatures.