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I leave it there

I leave it there

By the title, you must be thinking that my new year here was not great things, right? Amsterdam is the "Copacabana" of Rio de Janeiro. That's where thousands of people gather to watch the midnight fires. Watch the Youtube video of the upset in Amsterdam this year:

Yeah, the turn of the year in Copacabana is still the prettiest, but that's not the reason for the title of this post. I'll list a few things I've noticed about the New Year that are different in Brazil:

I spent New Year's Eve in Assen with Erwin's friends. Assen is about 2 hours away from Haarlem by train. On the way, I saw and heard some fireworks, just like we see in Brazil.

The difference is that here you only hear and see fireworks at the end of the year for three days (December 29, 30 and 31 - until 2 am the next day). The sale of fireworks is prohibited in Holland at other times of the year due to the number of incidents that occur during the firing of fires. In addition, even when allowed, there are still some restrictions, such as near hospitals, wooded areas or the presence of animals and near monuments.

If you want to know more about usage waterings of the fires here in the Netherlands, go to this link and see the guidelines given by the Dutch police.

This year the Dutch government has set up signs telling the sites that they are not allowed to fire. In addition, an educational video on how to fire fires is released. Watch the following video (Youtube):

However, some Dutch people still buy fires in Germany, where it is allowed to sell, and they do not respect established rules. It was also reported on television, that despite the decrease in fires in the areas not allowed, there were still some cases.

The turn of the year

New Year's Food

Are you thinking that you only eat Christmas here? None of this! Here in Holland, there is typical New Year's food as well. Are the super healthy "oliebollen", which means "balls of oil" (can you imagine the fat?) And the "rolletjes met slaagroom" that are strawberries with tastes like ice cream cone filled with whipped cream!

The end of year incidents

The next day we watched the news on the television about what happened at the end of the year. And, like anywhere (not only in Brazil) they had fights, deaths and fires. In Haarlem, for example, one person was killed with a knife and several others, wounds.

Among the people I live with and I spent the end of the year, I noticed that in Brazil we have many more beliefs and superstitions that are not realized here. In Brazil, many people wear white clothes or colors that have some meaning to start the year well. But here, I saw people dressed up in black. I confess that I spent the New Year in gray! Ahahahaha But my reason was to wear warm clothing to protect me from the cold and white is a color that messes a lot. Here in the Netherlands, the clothes take time to dry, so who knows?

Even so, the panties were blue, green and yellow, did you see? Ahahaha To bring harmony, hope and money, of course!

Another ritual common in Brazil is the offerings to Iemanjá, with the release of flowers to the sea, food and candles. here in Holland, has a ritual with the sea, unexpected: New Year's dive!

The New Year dive

the reason for my title! It is tradition in the Netherlands, on the first day of the year, to take a sea bath, which is soooo cold.

Photo that came out in the Dutch newspaper

Until next time!

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