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Chard is one of the easiest vegetables to grow; very recommended for beginners, as it practically has no pests or diseases, besides being very fruitful, giving leaves for up to two years. Not for nothing was one of the first things I planted in my garden.

By 3 or 4 weeks they had grown enough to be transplanted. It was my first experience transplanting and was a success: not a single seedling withered.

After a month I had already eaten chard from my garden. After 2 months I began to give it to my relatives. And now that they have reached 3 months, with a height of 60 centimeters, they are like a magnet for the eyes of the visitors, who are surprised by its size and foliage, almost as if it were an invasion of weeds. With 15 plants of Swiss chard in the garden, I think it is the most abundant after the pasture.

The variety of chard that I sow is the one that comes in the seed packets sold by Hortadif: "Ford Hook Giant".

Finally, I discovered that there are three times when you can harvest the chard, and change their flavor.

1, when the leaves are tender, from 2 to 4 weeks, they can be eaten raw, such as salad, with a mild taste.

2, a month or longer, when the leaves measure around 30 centimeters, and are the typical Swiss chard found in the markets.

3, when the leaves are large, exceeding 40 centimeters, with fat stems, have a "ground" flavor and are a bit salty. In fact they can be cooked without adding salt. It's my favorite type of chard.

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    Kbc Group, Inc. Bratney Companies, 109 TH STREET, DES MOINES, 50322, United States | Supplier Report - Panjiva

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    DOWNLOAD DIgSILENT Power Factory 15.1.2 and 15.1.7 with activator for Windows 10 (and earlier) ~ IF MY MOM WAS ABOUT ...

    This time I bring you an update of the Software you should already know: Power Factory. Hello folks, especially my engineers and future electrical engineers.

    Ishani Loves ...

    I do not know if they really bring with them abundance or not, but this plant of abundance had to be in my garden, beautiful. I cut some leaves to prepare food and today we pruned it, it will serve to make delicious pesto tomorrow Sunday.
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    Until then there was no problem, since the river belongs to them. Our authorities are very right to proceed with caution. User image of Flickr Guillermo A.
    Mechanical metal

    Mechanical metal

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