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Trailing the Garraf and Other Places

Trailing the Garraf and Other Places

With the reservoirs full and a good breakfast between chest and back we started the ascent towards Port de la Bonaigua, surpassing slightly the 2000m at its highest point, to cross Vielha and say goodbye, for a day, our Catalan lands. The port chosen to enter France was the Port du Portillon, which by proximity and destination we planned to visit was the most optimal option, as we were many kilometers ahead and many high mountain ports to crown.

Still, it gave us time to eat a crepe in a stall near the road, where we also bought some honey. As a curious anecdote, the grocer, with a French accent that could not be disguised, we complained that we only ate 1 crep per person, when I had a great offer of 12 crepes at a very good price (the truth is that the crepes were from dimensions adjusted, but its price also, only 50 centimos!). People always eat 12, only the Spanish eat 1 per person shouted the good man, a whole character. Of those people who always expect to find you on a route to make you disconnect some of the marked route.

After reviewing the route on the map and making sure that we are on the right track, we continue heading to the star port of our route, the Tourmalet.

Little by little, or not so slowly in some sections, we went up and up and further and further into the Parc National des Pyrénées, where cattle grazed, ams or less, freely through the road, which forced you to be very attentive not that in some curba a pair of goats would have decided to lie down to rest in the shadow of a small wall ...

Mountain pass we crowned a lot, but the most time we spent was in the Col d'Aspin.

It would have been fun to see how the propiestario of this vehicle acceded to the ... pretty "bastard" ...

After rolling on high mountain roads for about 2 hours we finally reached the Col du Tourmalet, 42 ° 54'29 "N 0 ° 08'46" E, where many cyclists during the trip reminded us that we were treading one of the most emblematic tours of the Tour de France. Paints of encouragement on the asphalt accompanied us until arriving at the 2115m of height that reaches this port, where there is a sculpture surrounded by more cyclists that does not allow to make oblidar who to the visit what it means to be in this land, near the Pic du Midi of Bigorre (2877m) that we could not visit because it was closed to motor vehicles. Obviously we were not going to climb on foot ... schedule issues, of course ... The truth is that he gave us a tad of rage as the views of the surroundings at such an altitude must be spectacular. It is pending then!

Now, what is it that climbs up the mountainside? yes, we'd better start the march again because mist is coming. Quickly and almost without realizing we already had it. luck that we started to descend and she wanted to ascend ... at some point we would surely leave her behind.

Certainly the most annoying thing about the fog is not not seeing, but the one that gets your glasses wet of moisture and see even less. Here everyone has their technique ... or go passing the glove every 500 meters or take them and face Chinese eating lemons. Either of the two are fatal ...

A few hundred miles before where we planned to camp, I do not remember if near Angelès-Gazost or Laruns ... I think Laruns, yes, definitely Laruns, we took a devolo, well, I took a detour and all followed me towards, supposedly the Portalet d'Aneu, and that became by a navigation error, in one of the most picturesque and entertaining sections of the trip.

In fact it was not very recorded because it was only about 10 minutes to get back on the right track but ... what was the right way? do not trust blindly of the GPS and if in doubt ask the locals of the area, if and when you find some ...! In our case some hikers gave us several indications (in French, of course) with which we could get back to the correct road in just a few hundred meters, at a fork in the next village.

Mira you well, now it rains ... but nothing, four drops wrongly counted that only served to have to reduce the speed because of the wet asphalt ...

The Portalet d'Aneu (1794m), playing to the Pic d'Aneu of 2364m, announced that we only had a little more than 60 kilometers to Bujaruelo, where we camped the last night. Before arriving at the campsite, we were in for a pleasant surprise ... 3 kilometers of pistes open to the circulation of the Natural Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Beautiful ... a luxury to this day find a camping in such a situation.

Record echo, grime washed and tent mounted! What's left? Dinner! and then a poker game, in which I plucked several times my weak opponents, with a warm ColaCao by the glass and a soundtrack very castiza, with rhythm of couplet, background.

So far we had drawn well the theme of the llubia. Although threatening followed us to the last kilometer but in Bujaruelo gave us no respite and discharged at ease much of the night. This last part I have been told because I did not find out that it continued to raining once I fell asleep ...

9 in the morning, to collect and to have breakfast! Cheese loin sandwich with 70 cents extra for bread with tomato ... in Catalunya we give it for free ... eh? but hey! a detail that they had in the letter (although we scrub it, we do not grate it and we throw it on!). Very good the loin, that is!

Last stop to eat something in Guimerà, where Pau will take advantage to remove the last screw that remained to cover his carter (the others have lost them by vibrations ...) and transpirenaica concluded!

By the way, have I told you what happened to the Yamaha of Pau intermittent few kilometers after leaving, the first day? Look at yourselves!

Only the worst remains, to assume that tomorrow is working.

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