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GeekTeca - Updated Information

Being young means having a great number of opportunities, experiences and learning to come. But it can also be a stage of uncertainty, precisely because it is still necessary to develop and polish skills, knowledge or, simply, the curriculum that allows access to a good job or start a project on its own.

That is why various financial institutions have put some of their products and services available to young people, to facilitate the development of their business or professional initiatives.

One of the financial products that can be very well used by young entrepreneurs and professionals is leasing , a form of leasing that has reported benefits in different industries, such as real estate or automotive.

Leasing is to lease a property for an extended period of time, which can range from 6 to 18 months. The tenant may use the property as if it were his own, either to meet his personal or business needs, as long as he does so within the guidelines established by the leasing company.

the option to terminate the use of the service; to renew it for the same term or a different one, and in some cases, such as car leasing, there is the option to buy the vehicle, paying the shortfall to cover its value, after deducting what has already been covered in the monthly installments. p>

Under these benefits, leasing has been used by companies that need machinery, vehicles or even real estate, but do not have sufficient resources to buy them or do not find a good cost-benefit ratio. purchase.

Car Leasing

According to an article published in Forbes , youngsters born between 1980 and 2000 , called millennials, are one of the groups in which the automotive industry is most interested. Not all young people of these generations can afford to buy a luxury car; moreover, many are not even interested in owning. Leasing, however, is presented as an option to have the car you have always dreamed of, with no commitment to purchase and with the possibility of changing the model or the modality of contract when they decide.

In countries like Peru, some banks have created leasing lines, so that young graduates of the university and with a formal job can rent a home.

The contract is made directly with the bank, which has contributed to reduce frictions between the landlord and the tenant. In addition, at the end of the lease period, the latter has the option to buy, through a credit plan that takes into account payments that have already been made for lease.

Leasing for entrepreneurs < / strong>

In Argentina, leasing modalities have been created for the first venture. The service can be used for rental of machinery, office equipment or vehicles for business use.

Here are some options where leasing can support those who have all the enthusiasm and energy to make a mark on the world.

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