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Manchester by the Sea

Country: United States


Kenneth Lonergan

Script: Kenneth Lonergan

Music: Lesley Barber Photo: Jody Lee Lipes Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges, Tate Donovan, Eri-ca McDermott, Matthew Broderick, Gretchen Mol, Kara Hayward, Susan Pourfar, Christian J. Mallen, Frankie Imbergamo, Shawn Fitzgibbon, Richard Donelly, Mark Burzenski, Mary Mallen

2016: Oscar Awards: Best Actor (Casey Affleck) and Original Screenplay

2016: Balloons of Gold: Best actor drama (Affleck). 5 nominations inc. Best Picture

2016: BAFTA Awards: Best Original Screenplay and Actor (Affleck). 6 nominations

2016: César Awards: Nominated for Best Foreign Film

2016: American Film Institute (AFI): Top 10 - Best Films of the Year

2016 : Independent Spirit Awards: Best Actor (Casey Affleck)

2016: New York Critics Circle: Best Screenplay, Actor and Secondary Actress

2016: Los Angeles Critics: Nominated best screenplay, actor and actress sec.

2016: National Board of Review (NBR): 4 prizes incl. best film and actor (Af-fleck)

2016: Gotham Awards: Best Actor (Affleck). 4 nominations

2016: 3 Critics Choice Awards: Original screenplay, actor (Affleck) young actor (Hedges) 2016: Producers' Union (PGA): Nominated for Best Picture

2016: Directors Guild (DGA): Nominee for Best Director / Film

2016: Writers Guild (WGA): Nominated for Best Original Screenplay

2016: Syndicate of Actors (SAG): 4 nominations inc. best cast and actor (Af-fleck)

2016: British Independent Film Awards (BIFA): nom. best intern movie. independent

2016: Festival of Gijón: Best Actor (Affleck) and Special Jury Prize

Although he received only two awards in the 89th Academy Awards, in 2016, for the best original screenplay, and Casey Affleck, for the best actor, as Lee Chandler, protagonist of the film, the work bursts as a magnificent realization which exceeds the awards and the Oscar itself. What warns us about the relative consideration we should have in assessing this event, so rooted and incorporated in the great production of American cinema, and why not in the culture of the average American.

this, the semantic and aesthetic planes, emerge successively to make a deserved effort and thus to enjoy the film. Plans that are not static compartments, but are interweaving, mixing and enriching, modeling the story and its characters.

Manchester-by-the-Sea is a very small town with just 6000 inhabitants and is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. Established in 1626-27, incorporated as a town in 1645. Probably named so in honor of Edward Montague (1602-1671), Earl of Manchester, although it may have been named by Manchester, England. Before 1645, it was part of Salem called 'Jeffreys Creeke'. In fact, we should call it Town of Man-chester-by-the-Sea, its true toponym.

On this minuscule place in the United States a great part of the story is developed whose title we briefly explain and gives life to film.

The original population were puritanos s. They founded Massachusetts, although today there are many churches and ethnic groups, but most are Anglo Saxons. This state has 14 counties, and Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea is in Essex, one of them.

And why then, Lonergan, titled his film in this way?

Two films, among others, already considered classic, "Manhattan" Woody Allen and "Paris.Texas" German Win Wenders, they entered in the same way, not in the mere location, went further, their stories were penetrated by those "places", one of the immense city, and the other by the way, the vivid and existential transit of the characters that walked through its streets and the desert of the North American.

The film is not dedicated to show or describe the space in which actors play, the environment understands them, embraces them and complements them emotionally. The sea, its port, the streets, the snow, are or constitute narrative elements that are diluted in the same drama, in the guilt or the conflict, in the comings and goings, the houses, or the walks in the city. It helps us to understand the history, psychology, and nature of the relationships found to their fullest extent. Kurosawa (Derzu Uzala, 1975) created a snowstorm to better clarify or describe the conflict of man and their interrelationships. The neorealism of De Sica, a man and his bicycle (Bicycle Thieves, 1948), to introduce us to the postwar drama. Eastwood bridges (the Madison Bridges, 1995) in the county - which was its mayor - to show the existential doubt of the woman (Francisca) in an anodyne and routine rural space. Or the city after the war, its dark streets and the degraded stocks of a big city for Elia Kazan to teach us the daily drama of disoriented and disbelieving men and women. Only an attentive and intelligent narration of the territorial or urban context can integrate these worlds to achieve a deep fable. That is what this film is about, hence its title and depth. His other films - few, only three - were already pointing, in that sense.

In fact, Manchester by the Sea is the story of a return, from a city like Boston to this town, of an almost forced return, filled with a load of personal, family memories and those arising from its streets, bars and others related to the sea. The sea is there. Its waters are a mythical issue that involves whether or not you want in this story, depressing history, complicated history, conflicting history.

How does Solergan solve, how to define it and finish it? I'm not going to tell the ending, you just have to see it. Lee Chandler's complexity is determined by his story and his tragic condition as a recently deceased brother, a troubled nephew whom he must care for, and a divorce with a child he must assume in the midst of. the small town and an emotionally unfathomable sea. This is, in short, "Manchester by the Sea". It is not much, but its richness lies in these human depths, and, I presume, in many of us, drenched by the same swell that bathes the streets of their little lives.

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