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Casa Los Cerros :: Santa Marta, Colombia

Casa Los Cerros :: Santa Marta, Colombia

The park Tayrona with its 15,000 hectares is the place to visit, with beautiful beaches: Playa Cristal, la Piscinita, Arrecife, etc .

But there is a fantastic place on the heights of Tayrona, the famous Pueblito Chayrama, a small town called Pérdida, to show you that thousands of years before were very advanced civilizations. From the town of Calabazo you can walk 2 hours in the tropical forest and sometimes have the luck to see many birds and monkeys.


The main places to visit in Santa-Marta, the oldest cathedral in Latin America, the gold museum in the Bank of the Republic, the museum the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino where the Liberated Simon Bolivar died.

If you like "sporty" fishing, with TOTI becomes miraculous fishing, although boat is not great, is not the best, fishing is always above all expectations.


Good gastronomy is found in Taganga in restaurants BABAGANOUSH, PACHAMAMA, MAMA ZULMA, also in Santa-marta THE BISTRO, WHERE CHUCHO, HEMINGWAY and the romantic and panoramic restaurant BURUKUKA in El Rodadero


Diving club team are PADI and NAUI professionals, they are your t otal disposal for all courses, fundives, open water, night dives, advanced, rescue, dive master, etc. We speak Spanish, English, German and French.


Bahía Concha is the perfect place to rest, in a wide sandy beach, without noise, without hassle, with the friend FACUNDO to serve you a delicious fish and the refreshing drinks in a small fridge.

Palomino beach is very beautiful and extensive, with great waves, the pleasure of surfers and other fans of these sports.

In this quiet village of La Guajira, many small restaurants are very pleasant, there is also direct access in some places of the Sierra Nevada.


The Sierra Nevada de Santa-Marta is the highest mountainous formation in the world, the Simón Bolívar and Cristóbal Colon peaks reach 5,775m, located only 42 km from the sea. In the middle of the dense flora of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its Natural Park, is the Lost City or Teyuna Archaeological Park, home of the Tayronas. In 1979 UNESCO declared it a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site. For the natives KOGUIS, WIWAS, ARHUACOS, KANKUAMOS, "The Sierra Nevada is like a ceremonial house, it is the place that concentrates all responsibility with the rest of the universe, it is the place from which the sacred and vital the planet, is the basis and union with the spiritual. It is the umbilical cord that unites the origin and the present, the spiritual and the material, is the union with the Mother. "


in the middle of a lush vegetation, 650 m above sea level, MINCA becomes a great opportunity for bird watching or ornithology in El Dorado. In the vicinity of Minca there are about 320 species of birds between residents and migratory. A 30 minute walk can be refreshed in the crystal clear waters of Pozo Azul. Another point of interest is the coffee farm where you can buy a delicious organic coffee.

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    Forest awake

    In the breeding season it migrates towards the dry tundra of the Arctic: the coast of northern Alaska, Canada and Russia. The head is covered with white feathers and the wings are transformed into a checkerboard with black and white feathers.


    In "Jenni Rivera: Neighborhood Butterfly," three actresses will play the singer at different points in her life. She was loved and admired by millions for her strength and determination, and, especially, her honesty.
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    Birds in my backpack

    Birds in my backpack

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    Voice of America

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    Such a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to planting more than 706,000 trees in the next 20 years or removing more than 292 cars from the roadways per year.
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    While tattoos can seamlessly adapt to gender, there are certain designs that are often seen more in girls than in men. What makes many women decide to tattoo them is that they see a beautiful representation of the feminine and life.

    Damiana 1/4 oz

    Damiana is a shrub native to Southwest Texas in the United States, Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. It is recommended to dilute the dose mixed with some infusion or diluted in water to weaken its bitter taste.