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carlos alberto florez cardenas: Carlos alberto florez cardenas

carlos alberto florez cardenas: Carlos alberto florez cardenas


That for the purpose of honoring nationals and foreigners who have deserved exaltation on behalf of the people of Colombia, Mayor of Bogota, DC, representing the citizens, created by decree numbers 0693 of June 7, 1971 and 480 of August 2, 1991, the Civil Order of Merit "City of Bogota."

Carlos Alberto Flórez Cárdenas and Jovanni Cepeda Sanabria.

That the previous personnel of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá is identified with the citizenship numbers numbers 19,302,197, 24,389,381, 79,618,504, 79,753,455, 79,619,271, 91,496,827, 75,034 .952, 7,733,731, respectively.

Who have stood out for their spirit of service and commitment in their activities for the benefit of the people of Bogota with honesty, honesty and transparency. It is the duty of the Mayor of Bogota, DC, to give just recognition to those who have become exemplary public servants because of their commitment and indeclinable willingness to contribute to the welfare of the community.

ARTICLE ONE.- Award the Colonial Medal to Colonel Luis Orlando Cely Vega, Lieutenant Colonel Gloria Stella Quintero Vélez, Captains Freddy Baquero Beltrán, Jorge Hernando Morales Villamizar and Juan Carlos Amézquita Jiménez, Lieutenant Cesar Yovany Pinzon Higuera and the Second Lieutenants Carlos Alberto Flórez Cárdenas and Jovanni Cepeda Sanabria.

ARTICLE THREE.- This decree governs from the date of its publication.

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    In "Jenni Rivera: Neighborhood Butterfly," three actresses will play the singer at different points in her life. She was loved and admired by millions for her strength and determination, and, especially, her honesty.

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