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The Corner of Alki ^^

The Corner of Alki ^^

What a man ... he is handsome and sexy with claws, without claws; clean dirty; content, angry; with a beard, without it; with clothes, naked ... * _ * Hugh Jackman is a candy and since we are talking about movies in this section XD ... in my opinion is also a great actor.

On Friday the 1st I went with my friend Erika to see this movie and after almost an hour and fifty minutes I can say that I left the cinema happy.
Not a movie, I do not know for others but for me no movie of superheroes is a masterpiece of the cinema nor is it approached but that does not mean that they are bad, and with the films of X-Men happens the same thing. They are entertaining films and with a lot of adventure and tension that everyone likes to see and most of their fans leave satisfied in general traits (except perhaps the third installment that was very loose).

In this fourth film about the X.Men we are told as the title says, the origin of Wolverine before meeting with Pícara in that grimy bar road and end up being part of the patrol of Professor Xavier.

We discover a small Logan calculation of about 9 or 10 years at the beginning of the twentieth century, which suffers a great psychological shock that makes you react taking out all the anger and anger that takes in and is at that time when they are done

Together with his "brother" Victor Creed, he survives countless deaths and dangers. , fighting in the most famous wars of the twentieth century, until they meet Colonel William Striker, who offers to use his special abilities under his command and stop running away. After a time, Logan (Wolverine) realizes that he does not want to be a murderous beast like the others and especially his brother Víctor, and decides to move away from all to be able to forget and to start from scratch.

If you have seen the other three X-Men movies, you have liked it and you are a fan of Wolverine or X-Men in general, sure that "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" will like you ^ _ ^

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The mysterious ludopata ... Gámbito!

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    First of all, I apologize to all the friends who follow my blog, for having disappeared for two months, without giving notice.


    And man has created a world of steel, and everything is rough, and he knows only how to kill his children. Modern man, what he has done: he has isolated himself from nature, because he started from a false point.
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    Birds in my backpack

    Birds in my backpack

    I invite you to visit his blog to get details of the teams, as they give great details even of serial numbers of objectives, etc. which would certainly help identify them if these bastards try to sell them.