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DOWNLOAD DIgSILENT Power Factory 15.1.2 and 15.1.7 with activator for Windows 10 (and earlier) ~ IF MY MOM WAS ABOUT ...

DOWNLOAD DIgSILENT Power Factory 15.1.2 and 15.1.7 with activator for Windows 10 (and earlier) ~ IF MY MOM WAS ABOUT ...

Hello folks, especially my engineers and future electrical engineers.

This time I bring you an update of the Software you should already know: Power Factory. This is version 15.1.2, in the download file you will find two folders:

- PF-15.1.2_x86: it is the folder with the installer, it is 32 bits but you know, there are no problem with 64-bit systems.

- PF 15.1.2 by NGN: is the folder with 3 .dll files, the same ones that must be copied and replaced in the folder where the program is installed.

Do not forget, when you start the installation of the program, choose the "Workstation" version

Version 15.1 has the functionalities already known to obtain various Power Flows, Stability of Electrical Systems, Electrical Protections, RMS and EMT Simulations. In this edition there is more variety in alternative energy systems, and what I liked most, the module of Distribution of Electricity, with networks unbalanced in medium and low voltage, something that was not easy to model with this program now is a wonder , I leave you some screenshots of the program running on my laptop:

A low voltage network in PF:

An MV network, ie a network of distribution primaries:

And now, yes, because I made them read here I leave the link.

There I wish you a lot of luck with this extremely useful program, in step as you entered this blog, visit it, read my other posts and



Power Factory 15.1 is already uploaded .7, this version does have all the missing modules in 15.1.2.

Download link:

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