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Annual for partial shade to total | More All of the Happiness of the Home and the Petunias | U of I Extension

Annual for partial shade to total | More All of the Happiness of the Home and the Petunias | U of I Extension

In general terms, partial shade refers to places that remain in the shade between 4 to 6 hours per day. Typical are places that receive the morning sun or east orientation or those who receive the light that seeps through the trees. The afternoon sun is also within the parameters of the partial shade but, as it is very intense and radiates heat, the exposed areas usually require more attention and watering. The areas of total shade are those that do not receive the direct sun, they only receive indirect light (examples: the north side of the constructions or under the trees without leaves).

Calico Plant - Alternanthera ficoidea

Height: 6-18 inches.

Porte: 6-24 inches.


Rex Begonia - Begonia rex-cultorum

Height: 12-18 inches. Flower: variety of colors during the season.

Porte: 12-15 inches.

Notes: A spectacular, large foliage, colorful. Ideal for shade.

Wax Begonia - Begonia x semperflorens

Flower: a variety of colors throughout the summer.

Cultivars: 'Big' series, 'Whopper' series, 'Bada Bing' series, 'Cocktail' series.

Notes: Exceptional continuous color. Fits from sun to shade. Green and red foliage

Tuberose Begonia - Begonia tuberhybrida

Height: 6-12 inches. Flower: Large, variety of colors.

Notes: Striking foliage with spectacular flowers. Upright type and waterfall. Ideal for shade.

Height: 12-18 inches.


Flower: bouquets of red and pink flowers.

: Series 'Dragon Wing' series 'Baby Wing'.

Notes: Vigorous plant. Large and bright foliage. Bouquets of spectacular flowers. Ideal for partial shade to full shade.

Caladium - Caladium bicolor

Height: 12-15 inches. Fancy Leaf Type: 'Aaron' 12-15 inches.

'Carolyn Whorton', 'Candidum', 'Fannie Munson', Strap Leaf Types: Jackie Suthers, Sweetheart, Red Frill, Rosalie, Pink Gem.

Notes: Colorful foliage. It is suggested that all types of caladium are cultivated in the total shade but it must be taken into account that the cultivars of the strap leaf type mentioned are very well suited to places in full sun.

Fuchsia - Fuchsia x hybrid

Height: 18-24 inches.

Porte: 12-18

Flower: red, pink, lavender. Koralle '.

Notes: The cultivars listed are of the triphylla type that tend to adapt very well to the characteristics of the gardens of the Midwest. Ideal for partial shade

Polka Dot Plant - Hypoestes phyllostachya

Height: 6-12 inches.

Porte: 6-12 inches.

Cultivars: 'Splash' series, Notes: Colorful foliage with pink and white spots. Ideal for partial shade

Bloodleaf - Iresine herbstii

Height: 10-15 inches.

Porte: 10-15 inches.

Notes: Bright multicolored foliage in shades of cream and red or lime and cream. Ideal for partial shade to total.

Lobelia - Lobelia erinus

Height: 6-12 inches.

Porte: 6-12 inches.

Flower: white, blue, lavender. : 'Techno Heat' dark blue, 'Hot Springs' series, 'Riviera' series, 'Cascade' series.

Notes: Fine textured foliage and flowers . Ideal for partial shade

Sweet Alyssum - Lobularia maritima

Height: 6-8 inches. Flower: 8-12 inches. Flower: White, pink, purple Notes: Continuous flowering with new cultivars that fit well with the 'Giant' heat of summer. They tolerate the cold. Ideal for full sun to partial shade.

Salvia - Salvia splendens

Height: 18-24 inches.

Flower: 12-18 inches.

Flower: Cultivars: 'Red Hot Sally', 'Salsa' series, 'Lighthouse' series.

Notes: Extensive foliage. Ideal for sun or partial shade

Wishbone Flower - Torenia fournieri

Height: 6-12 inches. Flower: blue, pink, red, white.

b> Cultivars: series' Summer Wave ', series' The Clown; series 'Kauai'.

Notes: Flowers similar to the snapdragon (bunny) that grow on bushy plants. Ideal for partial shade or shade

New Guinea Impatiens - Impatiens hawkeri

Height: 12-24 inches. Flower: variety of colors.

Cultivars : Series 'Sunpatiens', series 'Celebration', series 'Celebrette'.

Height: 10-14 inches.

Porte: 6-12 inches.

Note: Note: annual reliable for abundant flowers. Ideal for partial shade

Coleus -

Plectranthus scutellarioides

Height: 12-36 inches.

Porte: 18-24 inches.

Cultivars: 'Kong' series, 'Wizard' series, 'Versa' series.

Notes: Plant with good foliage offering various combinations of colors and textures. The cultivars listed are ideal for shade but there are several very good cultivars for full sun.

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