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30 Ideas with Flower Tattoos for Women - Tattoos for Women

30 Ideas with Flower Tattoos for Women - Tattoos for Women

While tattoos can seamlessly adapt to gender, there are certain designs that are often seen more in girls than in men. One of these reasons are flowers. There are many women who choose them to decorate their skin and highlight those more feminine and subtle aspects of their personality.

Beyond being an aesthetic tattoo and always nice, flower tattoos enclose a great meaning. You want to know why? Do not forget to read this article and you will know what makes the flowers so chosen in the tattoo world!

Tattoos of flowers on a woman's leg to pure color

Beautiful tattoo of daisy on a girl's arm

Flowers with phrases, perfect ideas for women in your body >

The flowers are beautiful both in a garden and decoration in the center of our table. What makes many women decide to tattoo them is that they see a beautiful representation of the feminine and life.

The calyx or cup of flowers is usually associated with the uterus and, with it, fertility and life.

After accumulating all their food for a while, the plants give us their flower consuming a lot of energy.

The flower is thus taken as a symbol of

Many girls choose to tattoo a flower to indicate that they have reached an incredible state of maturity in which they feel able to show the world as much as possible. beautiful and intimate that they can offer you. Blossom is associated with growing up and showing itself, giving the best of ourselves.

Different traditions have adopted specific flowers which they loaded with meaning, this is the case of lotus in Hindu and Buddhist traditions and rose in Christianity.

have become popular in the world of tattooing are the cherry tree, a classic Japanese tradition or classic lilies that are also associated with Christianity and the holy trinity.

The styles are very varied and will depend on the kind of flower that one wants to look. Some choose rose tattoos in the body.

In most cases they look great in a traditional style although today, there are many ways to display them.

In addition to the arms, many girls choose to tattoo their feet with flowers to indicate the emergence and respect for life in every step.

Beautiful tattooed flower on the lower back

Tattoo flowers in the foot in color and black

Without doubt the flowers give us joy and connect us with the nature, return us to the essential and beautiful of contemplation and the ecstasy of giving the best of us.

If you think these are the messages you want to carry with you on your skin, a flower tattoo is ideal for you!

Flower pictures and tattoo designs for women

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