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"Poem: WHILE NOT YO I var i =" other "do {indifferent (); } while (i! = "me"); "

Belén García Nieto

undo shadows

. (about how the everyday is plagued by shadows that we can not see because we are so common.

i> and how those shadows can be the loophole by which to situate ourselves in the common liminal , open worlds in this world so finished).

The World Experts have parceled out our thinking into an abstract, aseptic, bounded grid; capitalized in well organized files and tagged in science and knowledge compartments to 'close the map'.

But ... if the great World Map is closed, our daily lives are still open.

but what is a story but one of those drawings where you have points that form lines and end up composing an image. this is all, really.

For me it is that.

I go from one place, one person, to another place , another person.

And you know ... there is not a big difference.

ZAD {Zone A Défendre}

in the territory, scale 1: 1, a piece of map, a few kilometers from Nantes (Brittany, north-west of France). an airport project, and a area to defend.

temporarily autonomous zone of interleaved multiplicities on the battlefield.

  • ELL / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Frequently Asked Questions

    ELL / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Frequently Asked Questions

    When you talk, you are teaching your child the purpose of the language and in turn will help you express your feelings and ideas. If you are most comfortable with your native language, you will be able to communicate your feelings and ideas in that language.

    Oltra Mirada

    Not of great quality given that he did not carry a tripod, camera, or target for macro. Brown -, in which signs of worship of Masons and "Rosicrucians" are also visible.
    Лучшие изображения (107) на доске «Gift basket ideas» на Pinterest

    Лучшие изображения (107) на доске «Gift basket ideas» на Pinterest

    How cute is this? Pink suitcases filled with gifts for bridesmaids, but they could be used for any kind of gift really, or at a basketball auction, or for your kids to take on a road trip.
  • Betsycita


    Do we build castles in the air or do we build on dry land? In the Tower we see the lightning striking the walls of the building . When we blame our problems for external factors, we are letting go of our power and giving up any opportunity for change.
    Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact

    Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact

    That's on top of the 4,500 people Zuckerberg in a blog post today. News reports and posts that condemn violence are allowed. This makes for a tricky balancing act for the company.
    Disyas Digital Designs

    Disyas Digital Designs

    AN ENIGMATIC AND WONDERWORLD CLUSTER PACK Pack of 5 clusters made with elements of the kit AN ENIGMATIC AND WONDER WORLD. This pack consist of: 30 elements (cards, roses, mirror, apple, lipstick, crown, button, hearth, , staple, and more.
  • Be healthy - all about a healthy lifestyle

    Your hips and thighs will thank you - Las Omega 3 Fatty Acids : Beware of fish oil or fish because of their mercury content. First Quarter : I did what was possible! I have to admit, it was not so easy to get a healthy diet with all those nauseas.

    Guadalupe Klich | National University of Rio Negro -

    The abundance of those species depends not only on the herbivory, but also on other factors, among which the germinatio ...

    BOMB Magazine & mdash; Five Poems by Omar Pérez

    She received a 2012 NEA Fellowship for Literary Translation to complete the collection Catch and Release , also by Rodríguez. Magical! they say that I know my own unhurt unhurting Persian personal heart seek refuge in starry tapestries.
  • Hispanic New York: December 2010

    A hilarious play about a mother's outlandish and incredible measures to make sure that her daughter is crowned Miss Piña Colada. A play for children about Prince Aulito and Princess Perlita who happily await the arrival of their first baby.
    The Mexico Corner: Pizzi's Commanding Leon to a great start in the Apertura | SBI Soccer

    The Mexico Corner: Pizzi's Commanding Leon to a great start in the Apertura | SBI Soccer

    The tradition in Mexico is that if a coach can ' give immediate results, more likely, that coach will be removed from his seat. Paganoni got booked a red, but Mauro Boselli did not convert the penalty, and the game was still 0-1 for Veracruz.


    They also live in sterile conditions in the caves, even where light is reduced to a thousandth of the light outside. Only the so-called brush moss (Polytrichum frmosum) is used to make rudimentary brushes and brushes.