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There are days when the sun comes to a stop at the window and touches with its luminous knuckles the most tender and tiny corner of our hearts. This kind of garden in eternal spring, where the faces and memories of our children, the children of the family, live in harmonious intimacy. They, whose arms never grew so that we could continue to embrace each other warmly and innocently. They, whose tender looks have been like bluffs on our way. They, who with their pranks and occurrences brought joy, even in the hardest times. Because there was no storm, no matter how hard the water hit the windows, it was not clear when we heard the spontaneous and carefree laughter of our little ones. They put us in and keep us in perspective.

Today is one of those days. Today the family is celebrating, my niece, Helenita, is fifteen years old. In a twist of wind he stretched his legs and the will to be happy in his own way, caressing his guitar with his delicate fingers, letting his imagination fly in the solitude of his bedroom. Helenita is a sun of tenderness, a woman of clear intelligence and transparent simplicity. A quiet and discreet young woman who prefers home-cooked dinners to the bustle of the restaurant. Shy and earless as a fairy princess, beautiful as her mother and grandmother, observant and judicious, sensitive and affectionate.

How I wish it was your grandfather Mauro who wrote this note, but I feel that my brother has been by my side in this special moment. If he could have, he would probably have waltzed with our brand-new fifteen-year-old and told him some of the family anecdotes as only he knew how to do it.

Sometimes adults are stupid, we insist on going around what has no remedy, we walk in circles but do not spiral. Children, on the other hand, always display a brilliant and forceful logic. Please, in that sense, do not stop being a girl. But my advice, now that you are a lady, is that you always discard what you waste your time not be constructive, not lead to any place. I suggest you look for the good side of people and events. If you look at the bottom of everything and everyone, you will be surprised with the wonders that you will discover.

Embrace yourself in strengthening your spirit, As long as you gather spiritual value, the forces of good will become your only flag.

Look for beauty in the smallest, because that is where the greatness of the universe lies. Try to be generous hands full, even if nobody understands you. There is no greater happiness or better feeling of well-being than when you give, when you give without reserve, without expecting something in return. Learn to listen, wisdom is born and strengthened by the ear and by the close observation of the beings that surround us. Strive to discover your mission in life, we all have it, but to find it we must be brave and honest with the self; not everyone can do everything. We must humbly accept our limitations and when we discover our particular ability, concentrate on it, sacrifice ourselves for dominating it so we can serve the whole world well with the fruit of our work. And do not forget to enjoy the successes of others as your own.

Defend the truth to the last consequences, but remember that truth is one, divided for the total of beings that populate the planet.

Do not fear love, that integral force that transforms everything , that embellishes everything, that everything can. But never forget that for there to be love you need two beings united in a purpose. The love of one, is a mere illusion. It has never existed. And when love comes, laugh it with patience and kindness. You will see what beautiful flowers you will reap as you go.

Make gratitude your greatest virtue. It remains discreet. Comment when you know. Ask as often as necessary and do not harass yourself to insist on being happy. I want you to keep this little book, to read it again between the turns of the path and learn that everything, absolutely everything, makes sense in time and place. Finally, keep in mind that the woman is the force that moves the planet. Strive to become a woman who makes a difference, in a mirror where other young women look. And do not let anything or anyone threaten your Christian faith.

Please, never stop dreaming!

Happy birthday dear Helenita. I send my heart to you in this letter.

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