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Missis Magoo on the Emerald Isle

Missis Magoo on the Emerald Isle

First of all, I apologize to all the friends who follow my blog, for having disappeared for two months, without giving notice. The cause: the Irish weather, which sometimes plunges me into a deep intronspection, of which I only go out, when the temperatures begin to rise and the clouds give way to sunny days, then I can spend the afternoon in the garden or go to the beach to take a little sun and wet my feet.

Spring came in March, went in April and returned in mid-May, a timid summer is slowly insinuating itself, it is so that all around, has more life and color :)

This month takes place in London the famous Chelsea Flower Show RHS (25-29 May), if as I can not go to see the exhibition, to see the flowers of my garden and to show them some of them.

Here is a sample of the shy Irish summer, waiting for it to last at least a month!

Azaleas, Roses, Bells and Thoughts

One of the first flowers of May: Bells (Blue Bells)

Variegated or undecided thinking

The last of the month of May to come out: pink the lazy Peonies and the Poinsettia that survived Christmas

I left the garden and went to the beach

I caught a seaweed in Bangor Beach

I came back from the beach and went to the patio

Taking advantage of the sun in the back of the house, inside the tent to protect me from the wind

I forgot to tell you that I return to my beloved Spain, so I will follow this blog or I will start another one once I am there. Kisses and see you soon.

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    Bush says he abandons the principles of the market economy to save the market economy system - FOCOLITUS

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