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Mini Matisse: Art Trade with Denmark

Mini Matisse: Art Trade with Denmark

I have waited a long time to share this post, but I'm proud to do so now! Last year our 3rd grade created art and sent it to trade in Japan. As it arrived in Japan, we were informed that the school would no longer be able to trade. So there it was, about 150 3rd grade works of art sitting in Japan. Now what ... I put the message out to the blogging world to see if anyone else would be willing to trade ... and Lisbeth Reinholdt replied.

The video above shows the three works we sent to Japan / Denmark

Ms. Reinholdt is from Denmark and she has a blog called Bidt Af Billedkunst! or 'Bitten By Art', Great name for a blog ... Right? Just looking at her blog and you get the feeling of what a dedicated educator she is. She is also a practicing artist as well. The cool thing about Google is that if you go to her blog, you can hit translate, and you will be able to read her genius ideas in any language you want.

much smaller school started working on art to send back. Lisbeth was great at updating us along the way. She explained her projects, all were traditional to Denmark and she shared video and questions that her kids had for us. We have created a video to send back to her class to explain some of the questions they had. They too shared a video with us, however I do not have permission to share the video on my blog. I will share what we feel to them.

Here are some of the pictures that were sent to us. This is how they showed and celebrated our work in their school.

We got this beautiful artwork at the end of the school year. It was awesome !!! Too awesome to celebrate it in a BIG way ... so I held onto it until this school year. The now 4th grade will take a look at and learn from the beautiful artwork. They will each get a work of art to bring home with them. Their very own work of art from Denmark. How cool is that? First I wanted to share it with the school.

I have a HUGE display board that this year will be our PBIS celebration and our schoolwide theme ... Super Heroes (more to come on that later). I welcomed parents and students to our school for this year displaying this artwork from Denmark.

Here are the many artworks shared ... This work was inspired by, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. What are you kidding me? They have a queen who loves and practices Art? That is so cool. Lisbeth writes ...

Queen Margrethe II has not only been ruling the Danes since 1972 (she's the first female monarch of Denmark since the 1300s!), But she's also accomplished painter and fashion designer. As it turns out, Her Majesty is actually accomplished painter who shows her artwork regularly under the pseudonym "Ingahild Grathmer."

Since 1970, HM The Queen has been actively engaged in a number of artistic modes of expression: painting (Google it!) , church textiles, watercolors, prints, book illustrations, decoupage works, scenography and embroidery. Many of these artistic works have been shown in connection with exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. The Queen's artistic works are represented at the following art museums:

  • Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark),
  • ARoS Aarhus Art Museum,
  • Køge Art Gallery Sketch Collection (sketches for church textiles)
The Queen designed a whole series of 43 decoupages as well as a number of customs (12) for the film of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale 'The Wild Swans'.

This work is an example of the Queens work.

Secret snowdrop letters are a pure Danish thing. You fold a piece of paper and cut out different shapes (paper cutting). Then you write a little poem on it. You DO NOT sign your name. You draw a large dot for every letter of your name. If the person who receives the letter guesses who it comes from, you have to give them an Easter egg. But if they can not guess, they have to give you an Easter Egg.

The final touch is to pick a snowdrop from your garden, or draw one if you need it, add it to the letter and send it to a friend. Keep your fingers crossed that they do not guess who it's from.

From the snowdrop, snowdrop, snowdrop fine,


Your Reward: An Easter-Egg

p> Signed with dots for every letter of your name.

More art was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. Lisbeth writes ...

To Hans Christian Andersen was not meant to be written for the written word only. Paper - it seems - represented the basis for his imaginative expressing. Throughout his life Hans Christian Andersen was an addict to paper. I wrote on it, I drew it on - and I used it to cut in. Like the ancient expression that he was and was art in the stone, only to be revealed by the sculptor, the poet used his material - the paper - to engrave, or rather to carve out his ideas with ink. And more radically I used his unexpected monstrous scissors to cut out the most elegant figures.


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