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Miguel Francolini's Blog: The Jam

Miguel Francolini's Blog: The Jam

We started the month of September, a horrible month, full of moisture and filthy spring. But that will not be more tragic than this last month of August, which was a real poop. In any case, we will try to make a better month of September with albums of Jet, Wolfmother and The Answer, a song by The Black Crowes, Blondie Post, coverage of the 2014 Transition Tournament and the South American Cup and in the category bands, this month we will make a kind of historical revisionism (?) by British music. What happened on the islands when the mainstream turned its back on you? What was there between the departure of the Pistols and the consolidation of NWOBHM? And during the 80's where there were only bands of Electronic Pop very well executed? And what happened before the arrival of Britpop? How in just 20 years did the main bands in England go from being Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Queen to Oasis, Blur, Pulp and Suede? The journey of the transformation of British Rock started today with the story of a pivotal band: The Jam, the band with which Paul Weller began his legend The story starts in 1972 with the young Paul Weller playing guitar and singing with his friends in a band. As the years went by playing American Rockabilly covers, the band was taking shape and seriousness first as a trio with Weller on bass and vocals, Steve Brookes on guitar and Rick Buckler on drums and then raised to quartet with Bruce Foxton on bass and Weller to the rhythm guitar changing his musical style to something much more British. Weller wanted to play the guitar sound of Pete Townshend in The Who and Wilko Johnson in Dr. Feelgood to add his lyrics to the Ray Davies and melody proper to his musical weaknesses. With the departure of Steve Brookes, Weller took full control of the situation for 1976.

In The City

Non-Stop Dancing The album has been quite successful and the band made it up with the release of the single "All Around The World" The Jam evolves into their music and tries to break away from the Punk move in "This Is A Modern World"

The Modern World

Here Come The Weekend Already established on the scene, The Jam wanted to start exploiting their musical virtues on his next album and the next single had to give a hint: "News Of The World" became a great hit but had the particularity of being sung by bassist Bruce Foxton. News Of The World And in 1978, with the explosion Punk ending and the New Wave erupting, The Jam takes "All Mod Cons" one of his masterpieces with hits after hits and universal acclaim of the press .

To Be Someone

Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

Too Cool For This Planet

At the top of their careers, The Jam decided to accompany When you're Young Now installed as the icon of a generation and a hero Mod, Weller faced an ambitious concept album called "Setted Sons". The concept was halted to Paul but the album came out of 10. Another excellent musician record where Weller lives up to his idols Townshend, Marriott, Lennon and Davies with songs that would mark a generation.The band was going through its best commercial moment but unlike many people, Paul Weller thought it was the ideal time to close the band's chapter. at its best and not give a sad and painful image for decades. The Jam closed its race with a last single accompanied by a farewell tour. "Beat Surrender" was No. 1 and closed The Jam close brilliantly. After the dissolution of The Jam, Paul Weller has remained in the elite of English music with the Style Councils during the 80's and since the 90's has developed a acclaimed solo career. Foxton and Buckler have subsisted in smaller projects and in bands "tributes" to The Jam. Weller and Foxton have remarked over the years that the Jam meeting will never happen because it would be a stain on the band's history.

Paul Weller - Voice, Guitar, Piano, Choirs

Bruce Foxton - Bass, Voice, Choruses Discography 1977 - In The City 1977 - This Is A Modern World 1978 - All Mod Cons 1979 - Setting Sons 1980 - Sound Affects 1982 - The Gift

1982 - Dig This New Breed
1993 - Live Jam
2002 - The Jam At The BBC

1991 - Compact Snap!
1991 - Greatest Hits
1992 - Extras
1992 - Wasteland 1996 - The Jam Collection - 1997 - The Very Best Of The Jam
2002 - The Sound Of The Jam
2003 - 20th Century Masters: The Best Of The Jam - The Millenium Collection 2005 - Gold



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