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BOMB Magazine & mdash; Five Poems by Omar Pérez

BOMB Magazine & mdash; Five Poems by Omar Pérez

A page from one of Omar Pérez's "coffee-table" books, which often include a combination of drawings, photographs, newspaper clippings, and writing, even shipping sacks and dog food bags. >>

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, observing anthropomorphic infatuation Yemayá notes one advantage, the cloths proliferate across rocks and sands, in so doing they attract attention from scientists who usually get the attention of printers who will know how to persuade the whole world that gods need nothing at all

We have observed in the reefs, among the multiple types d garbage pieces d blue fabric d up to one square meter q the devotees throw to the goddess we advance this hypothesis: Yemayá does not need them, what would he do with them, dry the dog tooth?
warning the anthropomorphic infatuation, Yemayá sees the convenience dq fabrics proliferate by rocks and sandstones thus calling the attention d scientists
and these, as d custom, the d entrepreneurs they will know what to do to persuade the whole world dq gods do not need anything The death of a human being

"In the last couple of days," the neighbor says, "no life signs in the kitchen. "Vital signs, kitchen: miteramu. Cadaver translated by the police, efficiently . "It's a sad day." But the sun glows furiously. Sit down by the water and a little girl greets the ducks:
"Kwek, kwek, kwek ik ben wel goed mar ik ben niet gek!" Oh Milky Way, night fell. Sunflower now go wherever you want.

Death of a Human Being

In a revolution riddled with cavities, fillings are constitutional, motions by an atrophied organ occur before a physician. changes in mentality must be inspected in address records. the army erupts into the streets following coordination with criminals duly selected by the populace in case seawaters rise, take a condom to the beachhead swimming and fishing are prohibited until further notice to see how fish react to the runoff any act of contamination will be referred to the general office of taxation

In a revolution d caries the prosthesis is constitutional the movements d an atrophied organ are made before a facultativo. the change of mentality is monitored in the register d directions.
the army bursts into the streets prior coordination with criminals
duly selected by the population
in case d marine penetration, take the condom to the head d beach bathing and fishing are prohibited until so long determine how the fish react to the drains any act of contamination will be forwarded to the general office d taxes

My name is Omar E, per l'appunto, perso. Commander of the killers' cigarette which the Iranian pen of Florence would have documented, energetically. Mountain Oh the mountain: music: cymbals, opera, symbol all'opera. In Persia's mountains, not the assassins' mountains, my only furor: apples and remembrance of yr tulip cheeks; song: a land where a horse waits selected pages? nor dead: water and with the left hand. Magical! they say that I know my own
unhurt unhurting Persian personal heart seek refuge in starry tapestries. Not in vain did they name the proprietor Omar!

Dissenting from the hegemonic existence of the single-Babel system we propose to create fifteen in order to do so we will discuss the program in 3 tongues for 5 years or in 5 tongues for 3 years until achieving the desired effect In disagreement with the hegemonic existence of the one-Babel system, we propose to create fifteen. For this purpose, we will discuss the program in three languages ​​over five years or in five languages.

for three years to achieve the desired effect to discuss in a single language for fifteen years can bring the same result

Kristin Dykstra Other Letters to Milena , by Reina María Rodríguez, was published by the University of Alabama Press in December 2014. She won the 2014 Gulf Coast < in> Prize in Literary Translation, and her new essay on the translation of Angel Escobar's abject poetry appears in the March 2015 issue of The Volta . Two more of their translations are forthcoming from UAP in 2015: Breach of Trust , by Escobar; and The Counterpunch (And Other Horizontal Poems) , by Juan Carlos Flores . She received a 2012 NEA Fellowship for Literary Translation to complete the collection Catch and Release , also by Rodríguez.