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Variations in responses of potato germplasm to deficit irrigation as affected by soil texture | SpringerLink

Variations in responses of potato germplasm to deficit irrigation as affected by soil texture | SpringerLink

The response to irrigation of three parental potato cultivars was studied in the loam and sandy soils by use of the line sprinkler technique, which provided a continuous irrigation variable from 0 to 100% or more replacement of estimated evapotranspiration (Et). Solid-set sprinkler irrigation from planting until near full soil cover provided excellent early plant growth and soil profile filled with water when irrigation variable was started in July. On the loam soil this residual soil water provided most of the water needs of the three cultivars over a 10-12 week period until harvest. On this soil, irrigation levels providing replacement above 20 to 40% Et had little beneficial effect. In fact, higher irrigation levels had serious deleterious effects, especially on grade and solids of Nooksack. On the loam soil, Nooksack performed best in every regard at deficit irrigation levels below 50% Et. In contrast, on this loam soil, differing irrigation levels had very little effect on the productivity of Lemhi. The response of all cultivars on sandy soil was much different than on loam soil. On sand, total and U.S. No. 1 yield of all cultivars increased greatly increased irrigation levels, up to 70 to 80% Et. Levels above this had minimal effect. Nooksack again performed better than the other two cultivars under deficit irrigation. The results of these and other studies show potato cultivars that are more efficient users of irrigation water.

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Deficit irrigation water stress potato cultivar response soil texture yield grade solids line source sprinkler continuous variable irrigation

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