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Mathematics everywhere | Sesame street

Mathematics everywhere | Sesame street

More about Maths
Your child is already practicing basic math skills when he helps set the table, choose apples in the market, or when look for the pair of newly washed stockings. From the moment your child wakes up in the morning, your day is full of mathematical moments; and you can make these moments come alive easily. Fun and Easy Mathematics

You can help your preschooler master his early math skills, such as counting, recognizing numbers and shapes, by doing daily activities such as setting the table or going to the supermarket, even when playing at home. Integrating mathematics into your daily routines is not only easy, it makes math fun and relevant to your child.

Math in the house
# 1 Explore shapes with puzzles. Point out the curves on the pieces, lines and angles. Encourage your child to flip and rotate the pieces until they fit correctly. # 2 Sumen and subtract with the dice from the board games. After your child rolls the dice, count the points of one die and then the other. How many total points? Remove a die and ask: How many dots are left?
# 3 Give everyone some pretzels at the snack time. Invite your child to count them. Did everyone receive the same amount? If this is not the case, ask your child how many subtracts each group of pretzels needs to be left in order for everyone to have equal amounts.
# 4 At mealtime, compare two glasses of equal size drinks. Which glass has less liquid? Which has more? During the meal, how does the amount change?
Explore outdoor math
# 1 Count when you are walking! Count the stones in the garden, petals of a flower or cracks in the sidewalk
# 2 Use a toothpick to draw shapes in the sand or earth. Try to make interesting shapes, like an octagon or a diamond. Count each side and angle of the forms

Mathematics everywhere
# 1 Do a search for numbers on the way to the market. Your child can say aloud the numbers you see at home, street signs, or car plates. # 2 When shopping, talk about how the items being displayed are grouped together. How would your child group the items by color, size, or weight? Which items go together?
# 3 Invite your child to select two items as you choose three. Put all items in a bag. If your child put two and you three, how many articles total in total? Count to find out.

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