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Ishani Loves ...

Ishani Loves ...

I LOVE my garden.

It's the first time I have one and I take care of it and talk to it and spend time with it.

It's amazing how it attracts hummingbirds, feels cool, feeds us and even Chester (my Golden Retriever) just like my husband and I enjoy lying in the grass.

Here are some of my little plants:

They are two different roses. The type of rose is different, I have no idea what their name (of species) but what I do know is that they decorate the garden beautifully and when they wilt they are perfect for potpourri or rose water.

p> My geraniums. They had almost been dying and it turns out that my husband and I decided to do a rehab area in the garden and now they are more beautiful than ever. I think they also like to live with the other plants hehe.

Another one that I also have no idea what it's called, but if you come close it smells a lot of honey, they like butterflies and hummingbirds. Of course I do not know the name of this tree, but my husband and I put "Cursi" as it is planted on the side of the Ruda, alluding to the Mexican movie by Gael García. It also went wrong at first, but now it is growing.

Our aloe. It is super good to heal, it is beautiful (it looks like a desert star, so I would define it at least) and tells the legend that is responsible for disappearing bad vibes.

Lavender is beautiful and smells delicious. The hummingbirds adore her and although we have struggled a bit, she has finally liked to be with her neighbor: Herbie (the peppermint).

Well, the basil has been put into it. I cut some leaves to prepare food and today we pruned it, it will serve to make delicious pesto tomorrow Sunday. It is huge and smells beautiful, it has small lilac flowers that hummingbirds can not leave.

Chillies. The one on the left is a plant that came from burying tree chiles, dried in a pot. He still does not give chiles but I am hopeful he will. The one on the right is a new acquisition today: chile piquín. Let's see how ...

Yes, they are pineapples. The lord of the market who sells me the fruit, he told me that if I planted that part of the pineapple, maybe one would come out, if not, at least a very beautiful plant would grow. And I do not know, but I find it lovely. Another acquisition of the day. I do not know if they really bring with them abundance or not, but this plant of abundance had to be in my garden, beautiful.

Now we'll have to make more room for the new plants:

And keep enjoying Brunch on Sundays

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