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Contact Us | Languages ​​| Gatorland | Orlando Family Attraction | Adventure Theme Park | Orlando, Florida

Cayman Lake

Cayman Island, located in the northern section of Gatorland Lake of Gatorland, is home to the park's largest reptiles. Hundreds of alligators live on "Gator Lake" and Cayman Island (Alligator Island) is the best place to view Gatorland's alligators and crocodiles in the Florida sun.

Gatorland Express

Gatorland Express made its first tour on 1 July 2001, taking its passengers from the new train station to stroll around the crocodile areas of the jungle, breeding swamp and bird refuge The train stops at the south end of the park, near Pearl's Smokehouse and alligator wrestling stadium. Visitors can still see the original Gatorland iron horse just outside the new train station.

Breeding pond and bird refuge

The breeding swamp, with a surface of 10 acres of natural rearing for alligators of Gatorland, was created in 1991 and it inhabits 130 adult alligators ... 100 females and 30 males. These alligators live in a completely natural environment and produce the next generation of Gatorland reptiles. A 3-storey observation tower and elevated corridors

Jungle Crocodiles

Dare you, if you dare, into the realm of jungle crocodiles, where crocodiles are big and dangerous on the planet! Listen to the story of intrepid adventurer Owen Godwin who recounts his journey around the world in search of the most dangerous crocodiles on earth and ends in a face-to-face with Cuban, saltwater and Nile crocodiles.

Swampy Road

Visit Allie Corral to greet some of the most adorable little corral creatures living in Gatorland. Greet Gracie, a friendly goat who loves to eat from her hand, and the Harley Macaw, who probably even returns the salute! In Allie Corral you will find all kinds of animals, from chickens and ducks, to deer, sheep and goats, all of them playful and eager to receive a little attention.

Gatorland Aviary

p> Gatorland's aviary, home of colorful and friendly lorillos, is a great place to get close to nature. These brightly colored parrots are native to the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, being especially adapted to a diet of pollen, nectar and fruit. This diet has caused the tongue of the animal to evolve into a specialized organ with a structure similar to that of a brush at the tip to obtain pollen and nectar. Also, the beak has become thinner to penetrate the flowers.

Florida Snakes

Most people have a fascination with snakes and many others have them mortal dread The fact is that snakes are basically misunderstood reptiles that have received a bad reputation and have a very important role in the environment. Florida has many different snake varieties, most of which are totally harmless to humans. However, Florida is home to several venomous snake species, most of which can be seen at the Gatorland Florida snake show.

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