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Preach and Heal Partnership. Catacamas, Olancho. Seminar-Workshop in Strategic Planning. Thank you very much for the facilitation of this excellent workshop. I learned a lot in this process that will be very valuable for Predisán. May God bless you and keep you always. Lic. Martha Rivera - Executive Director.Ing. Guerrero, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you for your availability and willingness to help us. Blessings. Keydy Flores
Operations Manager

Expert, I am very thankful for your "delivery and commitment" to us! I have learned a lot.
Kyle Huhtanen
Director of International Relations

World Bank and La Ceiba Municipality Honduras

Citizen Insecurity Perception Research
I truly appreciate your collaboration and work with the Market Research that we did, I am very satisfied and I will always keep that in mind. Thank you.
Lic. Cesar Zaldivar

Panadero Cuquis. La Ceiba, Honduras.
Market Research and Operations.
Since I met him, he inspired me as a person and a professional, and I immediately proposed my project to him. Salvador acted with a lot of responsibility and accompanied me throughout the project, even after that they had completed their responsibilities of the consulting contract, being always available for you to consult. Thank you for your support, we at Panadería Cuquis, SA we are very satisfied with your work. Amador
Administration and Sales Manager.

Their experience, methodology, domain of subject, discipline, and commitment were very relevant. It was also very relevant their high involvement with our project, which allowed us to obtain a product of quality advice. The added value provided in each training workshop was very noticeable, which allowed Cooperativa Ceibeña to effectively look for new business opportunities. Thank you Salvador.
Lic. Leticia Chacón
Business Manager

National Chamber of Tourism Garífuna. Tela, Honduras. Seminar-Workshop in Strategic Planning > "The consulting work done by you was extremely successful The participants in the methodological workshop were able to assimilate the knowledge and mainly the technique that entails gathering the necessary information to later write the Strategic Plan.Despite the long hours of the workshops due to the time we had to prepare the Strategic Plan and the inconvenience with the place where we met, the group of the Garifuna National Camara de Turismo feels that the work was fully complied with. microentrepreneur develops its own Strategic Plan for your business, CAMANTUG also obtained a clear and definite Strategic Plan as a final result, I hope we can continue to count on your guidance and support < Attorney Alan Bernardez

San Antonio María Claret Credit Union > Seminar-Workshop in Strategic Planning
"We do not want to ignore mentioning that the work of facilitator made by Engineer Salvador Guerrero was excellent during the development of the workshop, the core group took advantage of their experience and domain of the subject.


    Imagine for a moment the environmental collapse that would occur without death: ethereal beings in a planet of finite resources. If today we live an average of 75 years and most of us live "like zombies", automatically ... imagine with an eternity ahead .

    Vanessa's pies

    If the base decoration is textured: wood, grass, earth ... then also you will have to be able to give it the texture. The base where the cake goes has to go to play and has to be decorated so that the set looks professional.
    Readers in extinction.

    Readers in extinction.

    Escaping is impossible, especially because he appears when she least expects it ... and also when she needs it most. However, the sacrifice seemed to be worth it, because that means he would be with the boy he loves.
  • Gorupos


    The parasite is very common that is present in farms where there are laying hens, this parasite has room all over the world. The mites are transported from one chicken coop to another inside baskets of eggs and floors, tombs and many other items.
    214 Calle De La Paloma, Fallbrook, CA 92028 - Open Listings

    214 Calle De La Paloma, Fallbrook, CA 92028 - Open Listings

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    Puerto Rico Birds (Birds of Puerto Rico) Photo Gallery by Raul Quinones at

    Puerto Rico Birds (Birds of Puerto Rico) Photo Gallery by Raul Quinones at

    White-cheeked Pintail (Muscovy Duck) Brown Pelican (Brown Pelican) Brown Pelican Brown Pelican Brown ... :: (Egret) :: :: (Flamingo) :: :: Red-tailed (Guaraguao Redstart) :: :: (Falcon Common) :: Wilson's :: :: ( Black-necked (Widow) - Black-necked (Black-necked Stilt) > (Playero Guineílla Mayor) :: :: (Playero Aliblanco): (La Gallega) :: :: (Gaviota Gallega) :: :: (Gaviota Gallega) White-winged (Tortola Aliblanca) (Charran Real) (Tortola (Puerto Lizard-Cuckoo) [Common Ground-Dove (Rolita)] (Querequeque) :: (Querequeque) :: (Querequeque) :: (Querequeque) (Green Buzzer) [ENDEMIC] [Green Mango] [Green Mango] [Green Mango] [ENDEMIC] :: :: (San Pedrito) [ENDEMIC] :: :: (Puerto Woodpecker) [ENDEMIC] :: :: (Juí) [ENDEMIC] :: (Bobito) :: > (Swallow Churches) :: Red-legged :: :: ) :: Black-throated Adelaide's (Warbler Warbler) [ENDEMIC] :: Elfin-woods [ENDEMIC] :: :: (Puerto Tanager) [ENDEMIC] :: Yellow-faced (Black Sparrow) Black-faced (Black Sparrow) (Mozambique) :: :: :: (Goldfinch) :: (Bishop Orange) :: Scaly-breasted (Gorrion Cinnamon) :: -tailed (Widow Colicinta): image
  • & quot; ERROR: memory not allocated & quot; when flashing embedded linux - Toradex Community

    & quot; ERROR: memory not allocated & quot; when flashing embedded linux - Toradex Community

    Then I powered the device up again and stopped auto booting to run the setupdate command. Inserted the SDcard made using the Colibri_iMX6_LinuxImageV2.6.
    Poultry meal

    Poultry meal

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    Skillfully - Skillfully meaning

    Skillfully - Skillfully meaning

    And all these works, companies and businesses, skillfully administered, give dividends that leave the country perpetually. All the great works and a considerable number of girls have been made or acquired by foreign companies and capitals.
  • Kingsley Plantation is a trip to the past

    These 200-year-old cabins confirm that it has arrived at the Kingsley Plantation - the only visual vestige of slavery in Florida. By Lillian Seays Over the years, the historic Kingsley Plantation has remained the only visual vestige of slavery in Florida.

    5 ideas for decorating the garden with old teapots - IMujer

    You can also use it to plant your favorite grass; I have one at home in the kitchen window with my basil. All my guests love it! # 4 Wind chimney
    Ruben Blades Tickets

    Ruben Blades Tickets

    His career began while still studying at the University of Panama where he was a vocalist in a band alongside fellow students. This was followed by a stint as a professional songwriter and guest vocalist for Latin music group, Bush and his Magnificos.