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Anime Kissing

Anime Kissing

When love is not madness

, It is not love.

You do not love a woman because she is beautiful. She is beautiful because she is loved.

Every day I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

an act of endless forgiveness ... a tender look that becomes habit. Time is too slow for those who wait ... too fast for those who fear ... too long for those who suffer ... too short for those who celebrate ... but for those who love, time is eternal. Those who prefer wisdom and flee from madness are unable to feel true love.

An old lover is like a flower in winter.

Love is a game in which both players can win.

The anime series has many stories where lovers are the protagonists, that's why we leave some highlights of some anime lovers.


Shido and Madoka

> This pair, would be to be one of the secondary characters of the series Get Backers. In the series does not formalize a relation between both. But the actions or some comment betray that they are in love xD. Shido and Madoka are known for a case that was had for the Get Backers. Not to do spoiler of the chapter, in the end Shido gives to him the Madoka membership and she offers to live in his house. Well he accepts. I think it's a very cute couple for the series.

. Noda and Chiaki:

Koizumi and Ootani:

Your story of these two characters is very funny. Besides having a tender side. Koizumi and Ootani, have many things in common, whether their own tastes, have fun in whatever they see and their admiration for the same singer. But there is something that characterizes these two characters, Koizumi is a very tall girl while Ootani is the lowest. Both have their happy moments (like all friends) and also their moments of discussion. But neither of them thought to fall in love, by their stature. But the story takes a 360-degree turn when Koizumi realizes that he is in love with Ootani and decides to fight to win his heart for this boy.


This couple has an unusual way of getting to know each other. When Kagome travels to the other time, Inuyasha and Kagome form a group to look for the pieces of the pearl of Shikon. At first, Inuyasha was rude to her. But with the passage of the chapters, both are feeling a little affection of each other. Especially Kagome, since he gets to fall in love with him, while Inuyasha has to deal with his thoughts, since he also wanted Ki

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  • Art by Marcela Strasdas: September 2013

    Art by Marcela Strasdas: September 2013

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    Privacy Policy | All about flower delivery

    Privacy Policy | All about flower delivery

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