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Septic Systems and Water Saving

Septic Systems and Water Saving

Saving water with the septic system

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Efficient use of water in green areas and gardens it is possible if we do an earlier research and design the garden bearing in mind factors such as the soil genre, the frequency of rainfall and depending on this we choose the appropriate species.

Before designing the garden, we must take into consideration the climate of the area and the environmental peculiarities of the land we have: It is necessary to take some time to study which areas are wetter and drier of our garden, as well as the most radiant and the most shady, the areas most exposed to the wind and the most sheltered. If we realize this recognition of the terrain, it will be very useful to us when designing the garden, since it will leave us among other things:

• To conform to its characteristics: to serve as an example, more radiant (those exposed to the midday and afternoon sun) will be the most suitable for plants that appreciate light and better resist dryness; • Make corrections: for example , providing plant barriers that serve as windbreaks or putting trees that give shade in the sunniest spots.

If our land has a good soil and a smooth profile, it is best to conform to it as much as possible to avoid deteriorating its natural structure. However, if it has strong slopes, it may be appropriate to make some corrections to prevent erosion and loss of water by runoff. An alternative is to perform rocking in the areas of greater slope, as shown in Figure 1.

Soil characteristics will condition plant species that are viable and will also influence water consumption. In fact, the speed at which water infiltrates the soil, in this way as the capacity of water to retain it depends to a large extent on its texture, that is, the proportion of sand (particles having between 0, 05 and two mm in diameter), silts (between 0.002 and 0.05 mm) and clays (particles smaller than 0.002 mm) contained. In clay soils (which are those containing more than 50% of clays) the water penetrates with difficulty and tends to spread on the surface, generating waterlogging and runoff. On the contrary, in the sandy (with more than 85 percent of sands) the water penetrates easily and is lost in the subsoil, since the capacity of retention of the humidity is very low. Therefore, although for different reasons, neither very sandy nor very clayey soils are suitable for the garden. Soils called francs (with less than twenty-five per cent of clays and similar proportions of sands and silts) or loamy francs are considerably more convenient.

If the soil of the land we want to landscap does not have a minimum quality , it will be necessary to make amendments or corrections.

• Sometimes the land has been filled with remains from nearby buildings. In this case, a layer of soil must be added, removing if necessary some of the previously deposited materials.

• If the soil is poor in organic matter, it is highly advisable to incorporate it, especially in areas dedicated to flowers or shrubs. This improves the soil's ability to absorb and store water that will be free for plants.

• If the soil is excessively clayey, it is convenient to install a drain and often provide organic matter.

Taking into account this great variability, we can guide our choice towards native species, which have the advantage that they are fully adapted to the climatic conditions of the area where we live.

the necessary amount of irrigation will decrease significantly, while its growth cycle is regulated according to the meteorological characteristics of each season of the year.

On the other hand, each and every species that grows in our frequent environment they will be much less sensitive to pests or diseases, while they have been living with them for a long time and have developed protection mechanisms.

Without going any further, the trees, shrubs and the Mediterranean area are widely appreciated in gardening for its beauty and its aromas, being species that require little watering and are adapted to endure periods of drought.

One of the treasures of Mediterranean gardening const ituyen a set of bushes and shrubs generically called aromatic due to its intense smell. Rosemary, thyme, salvia, lavender and cantueso are certain species of this group, whose resistance to drought is remarkable. In gardening they are frequently used in mixed compositions, forming islands or flowerbeds. Some species, such as rosemary, can also be used to compose hedges.

Mediterranean evergreen shrubs have been planted in gardens throughout Europe, prized for their luster and parquet. We can mention among them the strawberry tree, the durillo, the jars and jaguarzos (such as the white jara, the steppe or the jara gum), or the lentisco.

Among the trees there are also species that have found room in the best gardens, such as the almonds, the laurel, the olive trees, the fig trees ...

What and where?

Some tips for choosing plants:

• Know the vegetation of the natural areas and the unlettered terrain of our region. It is a good method to discover native plants that can do well in our garden.

• Choose by keeping in mind the function that each species will have in the garden. Do we want to create a thick shadow zone? Do we want to create a green screen to create a corner with fear? Do we need to monitor erosion on a small slope? At the time of selection, we must evaluate the skills of different species to play the role we have reserved in our garden.

• Choose species sets with similar requirements. The species that must share the same space will have similar requirements (of light, water, etc.).

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