Receding Waters in Houston Signal True Beginning of Work for Volunteers

Receding Waters in Houston Signal True Beginning of Work for Volunteers

Sofaly said his team is working around the clock, as they're part of the massive operation in Texas.

Bullock is not the only celebrity to give generously to the Harvey relief effort.

Having to relocate because of a natural disaster is something American Red Cross volunteer Geoff Nall understands well, which is one of the reasons he volunteered to be deployed to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

More than 185,000 homes were damaged and 9,000 destroyed as 42,000 people remain in shelters amid overflowing rivers and reservoirs, Texas officials said. Our thoughts prayers go out to all those who have suffered as a result of Hurricane Harvey! "One of our staff, a young poet, thought it would be great if we could put something together and came to us with the idea". Around 200 Mexican soldiers brought food, water and medicine to people in the southern state, most specifically to its capital city, which flooded after the levies broke.

However, some are urging people on social media not to donate to the Red Cross, citing concerns about how the organization spends its funds.

So far more than half of the Red Cross emergency response fleet - 200 Emergency Response Vehicles - have been activated.

In a press release, Salvation Army Major Bob Woodcock said he had never seen anything like the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused, although the organization has helped victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Matthew. According to their site, "your donation will help rescue and care for thousands of animals left homeless in Hurricane Harvey's wake and support our lifesaving mission". "The Red Cross is 100 percent driven by the generosity of the American people".

The Red Cross depends on financial donations to be able to provide disaster relief immediately.

The American Red Cross services the Houston area. "The people here are so generous and that just fuels the American Red Cross". It's a place they go to get a meal, maybe take a nap and get checked out before getting on another bus northward, to a shelter truly out of harm's way, no matter what happens in the Gulf of Mexico.

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