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The Fifteen Year Party is a social event of importance for both the Quinceañera and its Parents. This party needs to be planned with a lot of attention, especially considering that it is a very personal party, which should be organized according to the tastes of the honoree.

On average, Fifteen Years parties are held at night; very few are held during the day, except for those in which the quinceañeras celebrate with a lunch or family barbecue.

The favorite place for these parties is usually a Hotel or private room, and which both have suitable rooms for parties of medium or large size, central dance floor, space for assembly of an MTK with all its equipment and games of lights, and meeting rooms in case you need to mount a spectacular buffet. Nowadays Clubs and Hotels offer different alternatives in terms of service packages, including the "all inclusive" that is practical for those people with little availability of time.

Once the room is selected, the color and motif of the party must be chosen, in this way the design of the invitation card can be defined in the first instance. It is recommended a youthful design, according to the colors and style in general to be handled in flowers, assembly and decoration.

As for the reception room, some fifteen girls dream of turning it into a beautiful setting that reminds them of fairy tales from their childhood; others opt for a more simple and minimalist decoration. In any case, strong tones and pastels are still in fashion: blue king, lemon green, yellow sunflower, pink ... everything will depend on the style, personality and taste of the quinceañera.

To store the gifts of the party is recommended to place at the entrance of the hall a chest elegantly decorated with lace and ribbons; the reminders on a tray or basket for timely delivery to the guests during the party, and the photo registration, an extension of a spectacular studio photograph made especially for the occasion, framed in a passpartout, located on a stand, where they register the signatures of the guests upon their arrival at the party, or simply to use it as a decorative picture at the time, and then treasure it over the years.

Some fifteen-year-olds like to hire a musical choreography according to the theme of their party, or dance the Waltz of the Fifteen Years with the aides of the military court. In any case it is essential to ensure that the selected hall is suitable for this type of dances, so it is recommended to test beforehand, to evaluate the needs of lights and especially to hire a mini T.K. with experience that supports all scheduled activities and liven up the party with the rhythms of fashion until late at night.

Some mini T.K.s have professional disc jockey service, music programming and special effects of lights, laser and giant video screens to project the party during its development and later, video clips during the meal. Month after month we will be putting more articles on how to organize your party of fifteen, keep up to date with our advice.

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