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May 2016 - Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club

May 2016 - Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club

Reporter : Paul Riley

The healthy turn outs for the Tuesday evening TT series continued with 24 riders tackling the Briercliffe 10 course.

Fastest time of the evening went to Sam Hayes (TSE) with fastest Nomad being 2 claimer Steve Robinson with a 24.11. Yet again the mid-field battles proved interesting with Chris Corney, Jon Traynor, Nigel Tooke, Nigel Wilson and Tom Low all posting times in the long 26 or short 27 sector. In fact, competition has become so fierce in this area that former 2 Up team mate Nigel Wilson was heard to accuse Paul Riley of not being able to beat him anymore and lending some superfast wheels to enable Chris Corney to beat Wilson on Riley's behalf! p>

Nigel Wilson was clearly taking no prisoners this evening, being heard to comment on the return Michael Webb, "you look like somebody who used to be a cyclist." [Webby's reporter for one thought it was good to see you again. Nobody left disappointed when that famous booming voice also returned with a shout of "hand your numbers back"

May 2016 - Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club

Time keeping duties were handled by Frank Turner & Steve Smith. Simon Young pushed off while offering helpful advice on bike cleanliness for anybody who would listen.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

S Robinson 24.11, N Hale 24.43, A Saunders 24.58, J Gomm 25.07 , J McPherson 25.41, N Hickman 25.43, C Corney 26.44, J Traynor 26.54, N Tooke 27.12, N Wilson 27.20, T Low 27.30, M Webb 28.20, P Riley 28.23, R Fox 28.54, L Cutler 29.27 (off course), M (TSE) 23.22, J Stuart (CCA) 23.49, S Doyle (TSE) 24.03, L Barral (EV), Loosely 31.45, S Oliver 33.08.

24.51, K Barton (SNCC) 25.23, Pratt R (IRC) 26.15, D Ledgerton (TSE) 27.16

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