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Abundance, Love and Fullness: THE FLOWER OF LOTO, MEANING

Abundance, Love and Fullness: THE FLOWER OF LOTO, MEANING

In the East, the lotus flower means spiritual purity. The lotus (padma), also known as the sacred lotus, Indian lotus or rose of the Nile, is an aquatic plant that blooms in the water.

In Buddhist symbolism, the most important meaning of lotus it is the purity of body and soul. The muddy water that welcomes the plant is associated with attachment and carnal desires, and the immaculate flower that blooms in the water in search of the light is the promise of purity and spiritual upliftment.

Symbolically it is associated with the figure of Buddha and his teachings and, therefore, are sacred flowers for the peoples of the East. Legend has it that when the child Buddha took the first steps, everywhere he stepped, lotus flowers blossomed.

In Asian religions, most divinities are seated on a flower of lotus in the act of meditation.

In the classical literature of many Asian cultures, the lotus flower symbolizes elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace, and is often associated with female attributes ideals.

The Christian alternative of the lotus is the white lily, related to Mary as queen of the heavens, and which means both fertility and purity. Traditionally, the Archangel Gabriel carries to the Virgin Mary the lily of the Annunciation. "Blessed are the pure in heart," Jesus says, "for they shall see God." The teachings of the Master of the Galilee and those of the most important yoghis of India have been made with the same fabric of self-realization.

What makes the lotus flower special?

The Egyptian lotus flower:

Named Sesen.In Egyptian mythology is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth.

The Lotus Flower India:

The lotus flower in India symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. It is associated with the goddess of abundance, Maha Lakshmi, who provides prosperity, purity and generosity. She sits on a lotus flower, symbolizing purity, beauty and all that is good.

Lotus flower and Buddhism:

Represents the stages of enlightenment, it is a symbol of rebirth, growth and purification of the spirit. The different colors of the lotus flower in Buddhism have great significance.

White: This color symbolizes purity in body, mind and spirit, symbolizes the heart of Buddhas, and also represents the overcoming of obstacles in the human mind.

Red: Symbolizes the emotions of the heart, represents love, compassion, passion. It is usually represented with its open petals.

Blue: Symbol of wisdom and common sense, it is often seen with partially open petals that symbolize knowledge, learning and intelligence. The Blue Lotus Flower never fully opens, and its center is not seen, this represents the continuing need to gain wisdom, to learn and to have an open mind.

Rose: Of all the colors of the lotuses, pink is reserved for the highest divinities and is the earthly symbol of Buddha

Gold: A symbol of total and complete illumination , lotus gold often represents the Buddha. It is represented to have reached full enlightenment and to have achieved all that can be achieved.In Greek mythology, the lotófagos were a town that lived in an island near North Africa and as its name indicates, they ate plants and flowers.

of lotus. These plants have the effect of a narcotic, cause a peaceful sleep and also amnesia to those who ingest them.

In Homer's Odyssey, there is an episode in which three men are sent to the island with the order to investigate. However, by the consumption of lotus flowers, like the other inhabitants, they forget that they have to return to the ship. Later, Ulysses manages to rescue the men, and even had to tie them to the ship so that they did not return to the island.

Through this story, Homer demonstrates all his creativity and his knowledge of the human being, because the amnesia caused by the lotus flower is something that many people want: the possibility to start again, to be born again and to erase the past. The closed or button-shaped lotus flower is a symbol of man's infinite possibilities, while the open lotus flower represents the creation of the Universe.

Thus, universal symbol of spiritual revelation the Lotus Flower represents the heart, not the physical heart but the spiritual heart.

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