Valve's Steam and Microsoft's Halo coming to Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Valve's Steam and Microsoft's Halo coming to Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Windows Mixed Reality needs some software to make it an attractive proposition and what better library for entertainment than Steam?

VR aficionado Sean Og has been having a series of firsts with Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform, the latest being the first review of the new Windows Mixed Reality Controllers in action.

The headset has a cable management clip to secure cords and route them to the back of the headband.

Pricing is important: Acer's headset, for instance, will be available for $299 without the controllers, undercutting the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Working in concert, hardware partners HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer plan to launch their mixed reality devices before December.

Although most experts would call Microsoft's tech virtual reality, it prefers the term Windows Mixed Reality because it mixes an occluded world (where users can not see the real world) with sensors that sense both hands and body movement. Yet its present focus on virtual reality rather than augmented reality led us to wonder at Microsoft's use of the word "mixed".

It's important to note that mixed-reality PCs with integrated graphics won't allow others to see what's on your screen as you play, while Ultra PCs will. Then again, $399 for a headset and its matching controllers really isn't all that affordable when compared to the competition. First, we are excited to announce the first wave of content partners coming to Windows Mixed Reality.

This reveal came as part of a broad push to put Windows Mixed Reality in the limelight at the start of IFA 2017, Europe's largest consumer electronics show. But more powerful PCs with discrete graphics, called Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs, will run at 90 frames per second.

Finally, the VivoBook Flip 14 will no doubt be the most affordable of the bunch, 7th gen Intel Core inside, 14-inch Full HD display, "flippable" convertibility and all.

For the accompanying PC Microsoft says that you will be able to get a VR capable one for $499. Even though I couldn't see the controllers or my own hands, I could see virtual representations of the controllers in the VR view.

Learning from competitors, Microsoft is looking to avoid the missteps of others by making its technology reasonably priced, easy to use and compatible with a wider range of PC options. Microsoft motion controllers give off a bit of a disco ball vibe as they're tracked by a number of shining embedded LEDs that convey the controllers' exact positioning to the headset.

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