Rescheduled Cowboys-Texans game at AT&T canceled

Rescheduled Cowboys-Texans game at AT&T canceled

On Wednesday, a reporter for the National Football League tweeted that Thursday's preseason game between the Cowboys and the Texans is canceled.

Now that they don't have to play the last preseason game, the Texans can spend a few days with their families and then begin preparation for the first regular-season game September 10 against Jacksonville at NRG Stadium.

"Nothing has to happen. It's scheduled to be played in NRG, so it will be played in NRG", he said.

"This is bigger than football".

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones rolled out the red carpet for the Texans at his practice facility, The Star, in Frisco.

We're going to play for the City of Houston.

The game already had been relocated from Houston to Arlington due to widespread flooding in Southeast Texas, with ticket proceeds set to be donated to disaster relief.

Zero tickets were listed Wednesday morning.

"Know that they're probably anxious to get home and see their families and just assess the situation", said Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

"I'm sitting here watching the news and checking the internet and seeing everything that's going on with Hurricane Harvey and the damage it's causing back home", Watt said on the video.

Watt said he's been moved by watching everyone that has helped out in the crisis so far and is looking forward to pitching in. "We've been truly inspired by the resilience we have seen as people continue to deal with what's going on". "Unfortunate thing, but we are thinking about the people back home more than us". Those who have purchased tickets to the game can get a refund; if not, the money will still go to the relief fund. "Houston's a great city". We want to get home, been on the road and all that but it is what it is. Watt's fundraiser has raised more than $1 million in a day.

Watt began the fundraiser on Sunday with an initial donation of $100,000 and setting the goal for $200,000. The goal has now been upped to $1 million.

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    5th. SEMESTER: NIVEL 03 STEP 01 Passage gulls live on the beach. They feed on small fish, bread ... Translated to English

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  • Lebanon's negotiated ISIS evacuation angers many

    Lebanon's negotiated ISIS evacuation angers many

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