Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo joins the Pokemon Go cast

Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo joins the Pokemon Go cast

Mewtwo became available for capture in Japan at the Pokemon Go Stadium event where attending players were able to catch it for the first time.

Exclusive Raids are, according to the Pokemon Go team, similar to existing raid battles - the major difference being that Trainers have to be invited to join an Exclusive Raid. There will also be raid eggs at these exclusive raid battle, presumably allowing you to hatch more exclusive Pokémon not available in eggs up to this point. Unlike the other Legendaries we've been seeing at Gyms since Pokemon GO Fest Chicago, Mewtwo will release via the new Exclusive Raid Battle system. But it's not Mewtwo's fault that I've been unable to catch em all this week - it's the SHINY Pokemon's fault.

Invitations will be given in advance to give Trainers time to return to the Gym they raided at earlier. As always, players will have to defeat them to capture the Legendary Pokemon.

In "Pokemon GO", Exclusive Raid Battles work slightly differently from the typical Raid Battles.

Of course, players can increase their chances a bit by using Golden Razz Berries so it is a good idea to have a decent stock of them before attempting the raid.

Mewtwo is expected to be added to the game sometime in the "coming weeks", the game-maker added. Getting Mewtwo into the hands of fans as soon as possible may be a great way to change fans' minds. Nonetheless, Niantic has extended the appearance of four Legendaries in the hopes of encouraging more players to set out and capture them.

Niantic has also announced that players will have some more time to catch the three legendary bird Pokemon - Articuno, Moltres and Zapados - as well as Lugia.