Google Cancels Diversity Town Hall Meeting Over Safety Concerns

Google Cancels Diversity Town Hall Meeting Over Safety Concerns

"There is a place for you at Google". Screenshots of internal Google+ posts were leaked, images that showed various employees criticizing Damore's memo.

Inside Google, the memo and its fallout represent perhaps the biggest setback to what has been a foundational premise for employees: the freedom to speak up about anything and everything.

Sundar Pichai was going to hold a highly anticipated meeting this Thursday (by the USA local time) in order to speak about the gender diversity memo issue which had caused a stir at the company's workspace lately.

James Damore, a senior software engineer at Google, was sacked after authoring a 3,300-word document that was shared across the company's internal networks. But Damore was subsequently embraced by conservative communities online such as Breitbart News, Reddit and alt-right Twitter, who have long dismissed Silicon Valley as a haven of politically correct liberal group-think.

Pichai had then said that parts of the memo violated the company's code of conduct "and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace", reported Newsweek. That alone doesn't disqualify Pichai for a CEO role, but his rank dishonesty and lack of ethics should, especially in the communications industry.

Days after an anti-diversity "manifesto" went viral inside Google and infuriated thousands of its employees, over 60 current and former Google employees are now considering suing the company for sexism and pay disparities against women.

While his views on gender were seen by many as offensive, there is some support for his criticism of Google's tolerance for diversity of opinion and the transparency of its diversity programs.

The town hall was meant to hear out employee grievances over a flare-up that has consumed Google for much of the week. The protest's organizers say they are reaching out to Damore to speak.

Besides that, Google is now engaged in a legal battle with the US Department of Labor as the company has been accused for wage discrimination.

There were a number of defining moments throughout this tense week at Google. That's when we need good leaders most.

He added: "I'm not just attacking diversity, I'm just attacking the fact that we can't honestly discuss any of these issues and that is actually hurting the problem".

"Psychological safety is built on mutual respect and acceptance, but unfortunately our culture of shaming and misrepresentation is disrespectful and unaccepting of anyone outside its echo chamber".

A leak from Google over an anti-diversity manifesto, written by a Google engineer, last week suggested that the company should halt initiatives aimed at increasing gender and racial diversity within the company and instead focus on "ideological diversity".

"I thought about how tragic it was that this unfounded bias was now being exposed to a new generation", she said.