Bluehole Teams Up with Microsoft to Bring PUBG to Xbox One

Bluehole Teams Up with Microsoft to Bring PUBG to Xbox One

To celebrate this new feature, PUBG developers Bluehole and nVidia are running a contest to find the best Shadowplay Highlight clips.

"Our goal is to deliver the best Battle Royale experience to a global audience and our partnership with Microsoft will allow us to do just that", said Chang Han Kim, VP of Bluehole, Inc and Executive Producer for PUBG.

"By partnering with Microsoft, our team believes that we will be able to accelerate console development, while maintaining quality across all platforms, as well as giving us access to vast sales, marketing and publishing resources that will help us reach new fans to welcome to the PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds universe".

PUBG will arrive on the Xbox One family of consoles later this year and is confirmed to have performance enhancements for the Xbox One X when it is released. I was convinced that console exclusive meant timed exclusive when I heard the announcement, but after hearing that PUBG is getting some technical dev assistance from PUBG, I'm not entirely convinced.

During the E3 event, held in June, Microsoft announced that PUBG would be launching exclusively on Xbox One. "We will be working hard to bring PUBG to Xbox sooner", the community manager said. The title is set to launch on Xbox in the coming months, so it seems that the game will only get more and more popular from the moment onwards. Additional information about custom games will be announced after Early Access launch.

ShadowPlay Highlights was introduced with the release of Lawbreakers on August 8.

In-Depth Loot System: Players will uncover a wide variety of weapons, armor, attachments, and much more as they explore - and battle - across the world.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is still in early access for for PC players via Steam, is a insane popular take on the Battle Royale shooter formula.

Interested players can purchase PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Steam for $29.99.