Australia's citizenship saga continues as another minister may have dual nationality

Australia's citizenship saga continues as another minister may have dual nationality

Nationals Deputy Leader Fiona Nash is the latest MP to be embroiled in the dual citizenship drama dropping a bombshell on her senate colleagues on Thursday after revealing she was a dual UK-Australian citizen.

"I was born in Bundaberg, my mum was born in Maryborough, my dad was born in Brisbane, and all of my grandparents were born in Australia", Mr Pitt said.

"As Senator Nash admitted, she has known since Monday that she was a dual citizen, yet waited until one minute before the Senate rose for a two-week break to inform the parliament", Senator Gallagher said.

It follows Nationals Senator Matt Canavan, who has already been referred to the High Court over concerns about his citizenship.

The leader said she had legal advice that she had not breached rules.

Senator Nash holds the Regional Development, Regional Communications and Local Government portfolios and sits in cabinet.

Desperate to cling to office, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today repeated his assertion that the High Court will declare the three ministers eligible to remain in parliament.

Many more MPs could be "entitled" to dual citizenship, even if they have not actually acquired foreign citizenship.

Senator Nash's eligibility will be referred to the High Court on September 4.

The country's High Court has its first hearing on the matter set down for 24 August, and is expected to decide by December. Presumably Ms Nash will join the other five cases once Parliament resumes. Now, however, it has produced an unprecedented political and constitutional crisis.

The only politicians to resign over their citizenship eligibility are Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters.

Nash's case illustrates how far section 44 (i) can reach.

And, Amber Heard "heard" the users and appeared to have been delighted by the news that Joyce may be ineligible for office, after it was revealed the Nationals leader holds dual New Zealand citizenship. That election backfired for the government, however, leaving it with a bare one-seat majority in the lower house and only 29 seats in the 76-member Senate.

"There's this argument that because my father came to Australia when Cyprus was still a British colony that somehow I get British citizenship".

Earlier, Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi, a former Liberal, called for Parliament to be suspended until the crisis is resolved.