Antonoff staying mum about Taylor Swift's target in new song

Antonoff staying mum about Taylor Swift's target in new song

Another one from chest-of-wishes pointed out that Taylor may have poked fun at herself by making her the thirteenth snake - you know, seeing as how she does love the number "13".

Taylor Swift's new single is a lot of things - sinister, questionable, probably about Kanye West - but one thing it definitively is not is a 12 minute rock/funk anthem about Israel's violent political turmoil.

And as far as Kim is concerned, "the whole feud ended over a year ago".

Bow down to your queen as Taylor Swift is back and she is taking down everyone who has ever wronged her with her first single since 2014.

Taylor slams someone for their "titled stage", which the "All Day" hitmaker had one during his 'Saint.

Swift, for her part, has also kept digital marketing for the new album to a minimum, scraping her social media channels of posts and promoting her new single through a small series of cryptic videos. This is likely a reference to the open letter she wrote to Apple Music back in 2015, when they wanted to offer fans free streaming while not compensating artists.

And how did her reputation die?

Considering that it's Taylor's best (and most controversial) video to date, we're not surprised... and it's very deserving.

Shiran, an Israeli Jewish Arabic singer, gets her inspiration from old Yemenite folk songs and chooses to sing most of her music in Arabic, even though that means many of her fans can't understand what she's saying.

After this very Beyoncé-esque moment, "new" Swift climbs to the top of the heap as her old selves clamor for space and attention below her.

The video ends with the version of Swift who was famously interrupted by West during her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Meanwhile, the lyric video, with a head-start after its Friday debut, now sits at 43.5 million views after decimating the previous record for most views for a lyric video in a 24-hour period.

Subtlety doesn't have a place in the reference-packed video, which extravagantly calls out everything the media have had to say about her for the last decade, and it's all the more wonderful for it.

The just starting out, acoustic guitar version of Swift from her teen years was told to "Stop acting like you're so nice, you are so fake" by circus ringleader Swift from the 2012 MTV European Music Awards.

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