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Sano Manjar Gourmet Food Sana

Sano Manjar Gourmet Food Sana

Our store Sano Manjar has opened its doors in the center of Seville. Concretely in the street Muñoz and Pabón number 2, next to place of the Alfalfa, the Museum of the Flamenco Dance, the House Pilate and the church of the Savior.

In it we reflect our philosophy on how we believe we can nourish ourselves in a healthy and, above all, pleasurable way.

The Mediterranean diet is a path that marks our walk towards a concept of life enjoyed from food . We are what we eat, and of course how, where, with whom and when we do it.

Any sum, and happiness or reward, must accompany the inexcusable actions that all people must do one of the days of our lives, eating and drinking.

Something so important can not be done from a negative, mechanical, or even guilty sense. Eating must be synonymous with many things, to nourish oneself, to contribute energy and vitality, and a long etcetera. Sano Manjar has designed in its store a physical space where the warmth of natural elements predominates, such as olive trees. centenarians, watchmen of the Mediterranean nature. The trunk of an olive tree of more than 500 years presides over the place, which acts as a living counter, shows the person who observes it, the roots that for 5 centuries were nailed to the land of Andalusia and lived with the thousands of sunrises with which began their daily experiences millions of people, and among them, many fed on the fruit of this tree.

As a very personal lighting hang from the ceiling a lady juanas, glass bottles in whose interior lights have an efficient led lights.

It draws a lot of attention again 2 olive trees that face to face seem to dance while they welcome and show the visitor the extra virgin olive oil that as a saint and sign Sano Manjar defends as his fetish food.

Extra organic virgin olive oils with stories of love and work done well behind, poured over tasting glasses and dishes, are absolutely Mediterranean foods that speak of healthy life and delight for the 5 senses as Sano's mouthpieces Delicacy.

Against a large wall cloth, a large iron wine cellar comes with holes and shelves on which Spanish wines are organic, generous, fragrant, or bubbly.

But Sano Manjar is a place with a varied selection of many other foods to enjoy healthy eating. Starting with the bread, made with the best flours in the same place, and baked daily. The dough, spelled or rye. Or the form of homemade tuna, tomato and vegetable pies, or sweet pastry with apples, raisins or nuts.

Organic chocolates with flavors as suggestive as Cádiz 1544, which pays homage to the aromas and the Flavor of the first chocolate that was tasted by that date when it was not much time since the arrival of the cocoa to Europe. Or chocolate with ecological mushrooms, which adds the beneficial properties for our health of fungi to the healthy pleasure of taking a good ounce of pure cocoa.

Atlantic algae from the coasts of Galicia, in dehydrated or Marinated with mollusks, or sea salts.

Chestnut honey or acacia enriched with Blazei or cordiceps, ecological mushrooms that redouble their benefactor contribution to a sweet gastronomy.

Iberian acorn or bait hams, with the guarantee of their perfect cure and certified origin.

Or the ecological squash chorizo ​​and one hundred percent vegan.

Ecological infusions sweetened with stevia, green tea, pakistani, rooibos, forest fruits, or peppermint. Healthy snacks like the fish and chips of dehydrated cod, broccoli, vegetables, pineapple, apple or banana. The San Nicasio potatoes, considered the healthiest and most delicious on the market in recent years, are fried with extra virgin olive oil hojiblanca de Carcabuey in Cordoba. The nuts of Calzada de Calatrava, in the form of almond violet or with natural strawberry. Legumes like the pedrosillano chickpea, or the quinoa. And so a long etcetera

We have only to invite you to come and try us. A whole world of healthy foods will be welcoming you. And in our showcase a haughty Don Quixote will be standing guard as if ready to defend in good deal what we so dearly want to offer, the pleasure of being what we eat, and especially, what we are happy. >

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